Pines and Needles Pre-Season Offers

Pines and Needles Pre-Season Offers

31 May , 2019
We're back even earlier to keep you posted with our 2019 Pre-Season Offers.  The website is LIVE, up and running and ready for you to place your orders.  Obviously, we're not quite ready to send you a Christmas Tree. They are alive and well and growing beautifully on our Scottish farms.


So - how will it all work for 2019?

You can place your order now, today, this second and reserve your Christmas Tree and Decorations and Greenery right now.  But we're not going to send it to you.  Instead, we ask you when you want it delivered. At your convenience, not ours. Our website will take the order and book it in.  You can select any day you like to have everything delivered, perfect if you are a School, Office or Home as we have two-hour slots and a 97% record of delivering on-time.


Benefits of Pre-Season Offers

  • You know your Christmas will be ready
  • You get guaranteed Stock - we won't sell you something and tell you afterwards it is not available.
  • Pay now and it will be one less bill to pay later - easing the Christmas finances
Our aim with activating our website now is to make your life easier, Pre-Season Offers on Christmas Trees and other decorations mean we can all plan ahead and make 2019 a truly festive time.


What's on offer?

10% off all orders - you can use the Coupon Code 'SUMMER10' on our checkout pages and get a 10% discount on whatever you buy.  First Pick will be the first served and the offer will last until 1st September. The plan for 2019 - is to keep you updated even more than last year. Offers, News, Promotions and Interesting Christmas Facts is what we want to share with you this year, Sign up to our Newsletter today and be a part of Pines and Needles.

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