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Every year, the Civics Team at Pines and Needles supply and install hundreds of large display trees for Councils, special events, shopping centres, football clubs, churches, hospitals, hotels, embassies and other prominent locations.

We offer a full range of services. Our Civics Team can meet your bespoke requirements, whatever they are; whether you want a large statement tree to be installed (with cranes if necessary) decorated and lit with scissor-lifts and then all removed in the small hours of the morning, or whether you just need something simple like a drop-off delivery or warehouse collection, we can make it happen.


  • Delivery and Christmas Tree Installation with appropriate stands, cables and ballast (often all encased in our attractive green wooden boxes)
  • Full decoration and/or a lit star atop
  • Lighting (in various colours and designs)
  • Take-down and undressing of the tree in January
  • Collection and Recycling service
  • Alongside aftercare service throughout the festive season for any necessary repairs or maintenance.
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1. Firstly we need to know exactly what you want. Required details include: location, desired products, services & dates.
We'll send you a tailored quote. All of our quotes are fully broken down to allow you to tailor your needs as required. We can also easily furnish you with multiple quotes to help you easily compare different options. For most new locations, we will conduct a free of charge site visit to familiarise ourselves with the installation area and double check that nothing of note has been missed.

2. Upon confirmation of your quote, we will book your desired timeslots for both installation and collection, and email you a pack containing:

  • Invoice
  • Payment link (payment to clear prior to installation)
  • Risk Assessment & Method Statement
  • Insurance Cover Letter
  • Standard Terms & Conditions

3. You will receive remittance advice upon payment, and before your installation date we will inform you of your driver’s name and phone number.

4. On the day of the installation, the team will contact you or your colleague on arrival to keep you informed. We are happy for you to be on hand with your input and suggestions and, of course, we will not leave until you are completely happy with your installation.


For a really fantastic imposing tree, it is always worth considering its surroundings. For all of our outdoor and large tree installations we deploy our specialist team. This is due to a number of stability issues and areas for consideration that only they are equipped to safely manage.

  • Less than 12ft indoor trees - No special requirements
  • Less than 12ft outdoor trees- Stand extensions, requiring Specialist Team
  • All trees over 12ft- Metal heavy-duty civic stand and ballast, requiring Specialist Team
  • All trees over 20ft- Hiab crane hire or other lifting equipment required
  • All trees over 25ft- Bespoke welded steel stand and structural engineer required
  • Most trees over 30ft- MEWP (i.e. cherry-picker / scissor-lift) hire required
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Pan Outdoor

Keep in mind that the taller the tree, the wider too. On average, a 25ft tree is half again as massive as a 20ft tree, and thus is both heavier to erect and stabilise, and also gives a much larger area to decorate and/or light. Much more work, but well worth the effort!

**All Pines and Needles trees are installed following strict Health and Safety procedures, and the safety and security of the tree is checked at every point of the installation. A Method Statement and Risk Assessment is completed for every installation and a copy is sent to you, as well as a copy of our Insurance.

Should there be an issue with the tree while it is in place we can have a team visit the site. Pines and Needles runs a 24 hour operation during the Christmas season, so we can usually be with you in just a few hours.

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