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Christmas Is A Time For Giving

This year we would love to offer your school one of our beautiful Christmas trees free of charge, for the children to enjoy. We are opening Christmas Tree pop up stores across London. If you are nearby all we ask in return is that you inform parents about us and where we will be located.


If your School can display a banner provided by us on your school gates or walls outside we will deliver a tree (up to 7ft) and stand for you free of charge. We can also install the tree for you as long as it is indoors. Happy to discuss further once you have applied on the form below.


If you are able to do one of the below we can provide a Christmas tree up to 6ft free of charge (stand is not included) which you will have to pick up from your local store alongside a “donated by...” sign to place with the tree. You will need to show staff a copy of the voucher we will email to you as well as ID for the school that you are collecting for.

We would request the following:

  • Add a feature about us in your parents' newsletter including a promotional code which they can use at one of our stores
  • Send an email to parents about us and our contribution to the school
  • Mention us on your social media profiles and on any text message sent to parents

Terms and conditions:

We would kindly ask that you email us a copy of what you have sent out. If we do not receive this then we will have to remove you from our list for next year. Please send to schools@pinesandneedles.com

Supporting Local schools through the Earth Restoration Service

Every year we support and help raise funds for local charities across London. Our core charity this year is The Earth Restoration Service. We are helping to raise funds to set up tree nurseries in local schools. Please take and look and apply if you are interested, we would love to donate to your school!

Apply here: www.earthrestorationservice.org/submit-your-school