Here at Pines and Needles, we not only offer premium Christmas Trees to our customers, but we also work hard to help and provide exceptional after care service as well. Discover all you need to know about your bookings and orders from our Customer Service team, from amending your bookings to our Returns, Exchanges and Cancellation policies. You can also find more information about our Christmas Trees and how to care for your tree after delivery or contact us for general help.


Frequently Asked Questions


Got a question about our real Christmas trees? The answer should be here in the FAQ section below! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, give us a ring on 0203 384 9420.

Q. Can i choose my own tree?
We have Christmas trees for sale in our pop up stores where you can visit to pick your own real tree. To find your nearest store please click here
Q. What size trees do you sell?
3ft to 60ft. For Christmas trees over 12ft tall please contact us or call 0203 384 9420
Q. Do pines and needles do wholesale Christmas trees?
Yes, we certainly do. Please contact us or call our office on 0203 384 9420 for more details.
Q. We want to buy a 12ft+ tree from one of your Christmas tree stores. Is this possible?
Pines and Needles do sell, deliver, install and decorate large Christmas trees if ordered online or by phone. We can go all the way up to 60ft. All our Christmas tree stores usually stock real Christmas trees up to 12ft. Trees over 12ft aren't usually available at our stores so you'll need to call our office and make prior arrangements with our staff.
Q. When are your Christmas stores open?
Most of the stores will open at weekends only in the last 2 weeks of November and then every day in December until the 23rd. Opening dates and hours will vary so please check before visiting. Click here to find 'Christmas Trees near me' and details of directions and opening hours.
Q. Are you open on Christmas Eve?
Some of our Christmas tree stores are open Christmas Eve. Opening times vary between stores so please check before visting. Please check here.
Q. What size Christmas tree stand do i need for my tree?
- Small cinco stand - ideal for 3-4ft Christmas trees, dimensions: 3inch x 11inch, capacity: 3 litres
- Medium cinco stand - ideal for 5-7ft Christmas trees, dimensions: 5.5inch x 14.5inch, capacity: 4 litres.
- Large cinco stand - ideal for 8-12ft Christmas trees, dimensions: 6inch x 19inch, capacity: 7 litres
- Extra Large cinco stand - ideal for real Christmas trees up to 13ft, but is not recommended for outdoor use
- Medium civic stand - this is ideal for 15ft Christmas trees, kept indoors
- Large civic stand - this is for 20ft-30ft Christmas tree kept indoors or outdoors; as well as 15ft trees kept outdoors
Q. How wide will the girth of my Christmas tree be at the widest point?
The general rule is that the girth at the widest point of most Christmas trees is a little less than half its height. For example, a 6ft Christmas tree is approximately 2.9ft at it's widest point.
Q. I have a promotional offer code. How do i use it?
You can enter any promtional codes at checkout.
Q. I have a question about Christmas tree collections / recycling

Do you have a proposition for us? The best thing to do would be to drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as you can. Alternatively, take a look at the FAQ below.

Q. Can i speak to the business owner? It's about a wonderful marketing / advertising opportunity.
Yes you can! Please drop us an email at
Q. We represent a Christmas-focused magazine. Would you like a half page ad?
Possibly. Please drop us an email at
Q. We are a registered charity / school and we would like a free tree (often in exchange for a plaque advertising pan).
We only have a few free and discounted trees available every festive season. Please contact our office by email to discus before October and we'll see what we can do.
Q. We are organising an event (e.g. A Christmas market) and pan would be a perfect fit for one of our stands.
We do not run stalls at markets and fairs but you can buy trees from our wholesale department if you wish to sell our trees instead. Please contact our office for details and to discuss!
Q. We're filming a documentary about Christmas trees. Can we shoot in your warehouse / plantation?
Sounds interesting... we are very open to this idea, but there are many questions that need to be asked, so it's best to contact our office via email. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Q. Are you recruiting? I want to sell Christmas trees for your company. I promise i am reliable and cheerful.
Please send us an email, including your CV, a paragraph about yourself including why you want to work for us and why you believe you will be an asset to our organisation. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Email:

Trees are living things and do need some attention throughout the festive period. Luckily however, they are hardly high maintenance! You should be able to find out everything you need to know about tree care in the FAQ section below. If you find something isn’t covered, or you would like to have a chat about your tree feel free to give us a call on 0203 384 9420

Q. When should i buy my tree?
We encourage you to place your order as early as possible. Delivery can be booked anytime from the 17th November in London and 19th everywhere else. For early deliveries we recommend the Nordmann Firas it is the non-drop option which lasts longer. The Norway Spruce should be delivered after the 10th of December as they have a very limited shelf life and will probably not last until Christ. Potted trees which have their roots can be ordered anytime. It is very important to keep your tree well watered and away from any heat sources to preserve it and extend its lifespan.
Q. I want my tree in November. Will it last until Christmas?
As with all perishable products we cannot guarantee that the trees will last until Christmas as they are natural products. Trees should be well watered and kept away from any heat source. The average lifetime of a tree is 2-4 weeks. A Norway Spruce will not last indoors if ordered more than a week or two before Christmas. Potted trees will last if kept well watered and far away from heat sources.
Q. Where should i keep my tree?
The best place to keep your Christmas tree is by a window where it can be as cool as possible. Be sure to keep your tree as far away as possible from any heat sources (e.g. radiator, fire place etc).
Q. Should i trim the base of the tree?
When WE DELIVER & Install - we trim before delivery. For premium deliveries and above you can request your driver to give a fresh cut at point of delivery. Christmas Trees naturally form a layer of sap to seal their cut surface preventing water absorption. Removing 1/2 inch from the base should solve this problem.
Q. Should i cut the tree base at an angle or taper it?
No, don't do that. For max. water uptake the tree should be cut perpendicular to its trunk. Angling reduces the surface area that absorbs water meaning the tree is more difficult to hold upright in a stand and less stable.
Q. Should i water my tree?
Yes. You should check the water in tree stand every day and top up as needed. Christmas trees are very thirsty and need a lot of water to keep it looking lush!
Q. How should i water my tree?
- Using a water holding stand with a water filled reservoir.
- The water should not be allowed to go lower than the base of the Christmas tree.
- The temperature of water does not affect water uptake.
*Christmas tree feed nutrient helps keep the tree fresh for longer. (A common misconception is that drilling a hole in the base of the trunk will assist your Christmas tree to drink more- this is untrue)
Q. Why does my tree not seem to be drinking the water any more?
The rate of absorption will vary from day to day.
- Check a layer of sap has not formed on base of tree trunk, if so trim the base
- Check water level
Q. Is it normal for my tree to lose some needles when i have just got it?
Trees naturally shed needles all year round, so a few needles on the floor is nothing to worry about. However, if your tree appears to be shedding excessively it could be too dry. Ensure it is watered, away from heat sources and air conditioned rooms. Please contact us within 48 hours of delivery so that we can make a note of this which will impact your eligibility for a replacement. Signs of a dried out tree
- Colour is faded
- Bark of the outer twigs are wrinkled
- The green, exterior needles easily fall when touched,
It is excessively dry and has not been watered enough.
Q. How should i water my tree?
Using a water holding stand with a water filled reservoir The water should not be allowed to go lower than the base of the Christmas tree The temperature of water does not affect water uptake Christmas tree feed nutrient helps keep the tree fresh for longer (A common misconception is that drilling a hole in the base of the trunk will assist your Christmas tree to drink more- this is untrue)

We try to be as flexible as possible in allowing you to amend your booking. If your delivery is in zones A, B or C you can amend your booking up to 12.00pm the day before delivery. Nationwide deliveries with Tuffnells can be amended up to 10.00am one working day before delivery. Need to make last minute changes to your delivery? Please ring 0203 384 9420 or

Q. I need to contact my driver on the day of delivery
You will be sent the allocated drivers contact details the day before delivery. You may call him/her to get a more accurate time, however he/she will not always be able to answer or give you accurate times of delivery. Drivers will always call you at least 15 minutes before deliveries. Note: this service is not available for delivery addresses outside of our London delivery zone or for customers who choose our budget and no tree delivery options.
Q. Can you guarantee delivery on my chosen date?
We make every effort to achieve the agreed delivery time but due to factors beyond our control we sometimes cannot guarantee it. The chances are everything will be fine, however if things do go wrong we will be sure to notify you by phone.
Q. The delivery is running late and i need to go out of the house, what can i do?
We do apologies, late deliveries can and do happen and there's usually a very good reason. The best thing to do in this situation is to call us on 0203 384 9420
Q. I popped out and missed my delivery! What can i do?
Where a courier is unable to find someone it accept delivery, or unable to leave the delivery in a secure location, they will either leave a card at the address or make contact to re-arrange delivery. The best thing to do in this case is give us a call. Do note that we reserve the right to charge for re-delivery if the recipient is not at home when the courier arrives!

If for whatever reason you aren’t happy with your tree we advise you to let us know as soon as possible. If you contact us within 48 hours of taking delivery of your tree (and if there is a genuine issue) we will endeavour to replace the tree at the next available delivery slot. For further information please see the FAQ below.


Trees cannot be returned or refunded, except in accordance with your legal rights, for example in the event they are faulty or damaged.

We're so confident our trees are the best you will find that we guarantee their quality. If for any reason you're unhappy with your tree, we will gladly replace it free of charge provided that you contact us within 3 days of delivery.

The cancellation right under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 does not apply to plants.


Ultimately, any changes you make to your order must be notified to us in writing. If you amend or change your order, you may find there are changes to your delivery timescale and/or the price you pay for the item (as you’ll be charged the current selling price on the day you amend or cancel the order).

If we have to collect a product that you have cancelled, we will charge you the cost of collection (up to £100) which will be notified to you at the time of cancellation.

Q. I'm not satisfied with the appearance of my tree, however i only decided this after the driver left.
If you aren't happy with the tree and you let us know within 48 hours of delivery, then we will replace your tree free of charge including free re-delivery. If you tell us within one week of delivery we will try to replace your tree free of charge, however delivery will likely have to be paid again. If you contact us after one week of delivery we will likely not be able to replace your tree free of charge, however you should still give us a call as we may be able to arrange a discounted replacement.
Q. I believe my tree is unhealthy, what can i do?
If there is a genuine problem with your tree then we will endeavor to replace it at no cost to you. Please give us a call and thoroughly describe the problems you are experiencing with the tree.
Q. I didn't receive all the products i ordered, what can i do?
Please let the driver know as soon as possible after the receipt of the goods so that we can rectify the situation as soon and effectively as possible or call us on 0203 384 9420
Q. My lights / decorations are faulty
If your product is faulty then we will replace it or if you wish, refund you in full. If this is the case you should contact us as soon as possible after noticing the fault, you may be asked to prove the product is indeed at fault before receiving a refund.
Q. I want to return lights / decorations, what can i do?
We are happy to exchange or refund any items that have not been altered, or used within 14 days of original delivery date. You must notify us in writing to Returns can be taken to any of our stores or by delivering the products to our depot at Pines and Needles, C/O 123 Dry Cleaners, 123 Shirland Road, London, W9 2EW. We do not repay our original delivery charges (except in the unlikely event that your item is faulty).

Plans change and sometimes you need to cancel, that’s fine by us, just try to let us know in good time. However, we regret that you may not cancel an order for a Christmas tree once it has been dispatched. We also regret that we cannot refund in full for cancellations on real Christmas trees over 10ft. For further information please see the FAQ below.

Q. My plans have changed and now i need to cancel my order, what do i do?
If you have placed your order with the Specialist or Wholesale Departments please contact them directly to discuss any cancellations. For deliveries in Zones A, B and C please inform us of any cancellations by writing into at least 24 hours before your scheduled delivery date. Any deliveries via Tuffnells (Nationwide courier) please inform us of any changes 36 hours prior to delivery.
Q. Will you refund me the full amount if i cancel my order?
We will refund in full when we can, however this won't be possible if the tree you ordered is over 10ft. You MUST notify us as soon as possible if you want to cancel an order, we won't be able to refund you if the tree has already been dispatched. If you have ordered lights or other decorations it may be possible to cancel your order on the day of delivery, if your delivery zones are A, B or C - you'll need to give us a call to discuss this.

Q. I'm having a technical issue with the website, what should i do?
Our London based office team is always happy to help so if you're in our operational hours please give us a call on 0203 384 9420. We can place new orders, amend existing orders and take payment. Alternatively you can drop us an email at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Q. I would like to buy a tree which is above 12ft but i cannot find them on your website.
Pines and Needles do sell, deliver, install and decorate large trees. We can go all the way up to 60ft. If you would like a quote please fill in the questionnaire by following this link or email with your requirements.
Q. How can i keep track of my tree on my delivery date?
If your delivery is in Zones A, B or C log into your account page on the day of delivery and you will see your driver details and his progress. For deliveries by Tuffnells (Nationwide couier) you can ring our office on 0203 384 9420 and we can get an update for you.
Q. My tree delivery is running late, what can i do?
Firstly, we are sorry a delay has occurred with your delivery. We will always endeavour to contact you if any delays affect your delivery. Customers with deliveries in Zones A, B and C can call their drivers or our London office 0203 384 9420 to get an update on the delivery status. You will also be able to reschedule for another available time slot should you be unable to receive the delayed delivery.