• We are Carbon Neutral

    21 Sep , 2021

    The road to ‘Net Zero’ is paved with gold but there are lots of potholes too, so watch out! Here at Pines and Needles we feel a little smug but really that’s more down to serendipity. That said we are proud to be a carbon neutral business and at certain times of the year even a carbon positive one. There are huge business opportunities for those who are on the...


  • Vertical Gardening

    16 Sep , 2021
    So, this Christmas let’s think about some vertical gardening, Think lights and greenery in a vertical rather than horizontal dimension, turn the hall and the stairwells into hanging gardens of your own. Holly is great as are spruce and ewe and other Christmassy foliage. 


  • Halfway to Christmas- Junemas!

    25 Jun , 2021

    It’s already half way to Christmas! Not long to go for the big day and our team is busy prepping our plantation grown trees for 2021. We know a lot of you missed out on the perfect Christmas but let’s make 2021 a big deal. Did you want to know the secret behind why our Christmas trees are the best? We grow our own Christmas trees in our own UK...



    17 Dec , 2020

    Which do you prefer: Artificial or real Christmas trees? There should be no choice, real is definitely the way to go in our eyes. Our trees are the best Christmas trees 2020. Artificial Christmas trees are out and real Christmas trees are in! We are not quite at zero waste yet but we are definitely working on it, anything to help the environment. We sell quality, affordable real trees of...


  • The Fraser Fir - Limited Edition Online Exclusive for 2020

    11 Dec , 2020

    The new and exclusive range is here! We are excited about the FRASER FIR. Why buy it? - A narrower tree to Nordmann Fir - Good needle retention - Shape more similar to Norway Spruce - Narrower needles to a Nordmann Fir but still soft unlike a Spruce - A nice Christmas tree scent  The perfect combination, you won't know until you try it. Check these gorgeous Christmas trees out here:   ...