Win a Free Tree at Our Stores!

Win a Free Tree at Our Stores!

02 Dec , 2021

Have we got a treat for you in store! Remember back to your earlier days, reading or watching Roald Dahl's spectacular and iconic story about a boy who finds a golden ticket hidden within the wrapping of a chocolate bar. The boy, Charlie, surpasses all of the challenges and traps laid out by Willy Wonka, ultimately winning and becoming the next owner of the magical chocolate factory.

Welcome: THE GOLDEN BAUBLE challenge, where you have the chance of winning a Christmas tree! Simply find the golden bauble on one of the trees in any of our stores and you get to take that tree home, or pick another one you like!

Girl wearing santa hat, finding a golden bauble within a Christmas tree 

Create the most magical Christmas moment by taking part in our golden bauble hunt and show off your beautiful tree to friends and family. This is YOUR chance to win a FREE tree. 

Remember, we have hidden these magical baubles across all of our stores for you to find, this is probably one of the best treasure hunts you'll go on!

Snap a picture to share your moment with our Christmas community if you win using #TheGoldenBauble and tag us @pinesandneedles

Time is running out, so get those jackets on and pop down to your local store. Our friendly, smiling staff will help you with any questions you may have whilst visiting.

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