Have More Than One Christmas Tree in Your Home

Have More Than One Christmas Tree in Your Home

03 Dec , 2021

This year, we were very patiently waiting for the festive season to start and now that it's here, why not celebrate the RIGHT way and have more than one tree in your home this Christmas.

Don't you just love looking at your tree when it's up, making you feel warm, cosy and snug and most of all happy? When it's time to leave the room, many of us miss seeing our gorgeous trees, which is why we recommend setting up more than one!

Have that beautiful Christmas tree smell trail along the house, having you feel merry and festive for longer. This time only comes once a year, so why not? 

You don't have to have the same size, we offer trees from 3-12ft so you can have double the fun! Put one in your bedroom and fall asleep to the most magical Christmassy dreams. 

Christmas wreath with red bow

If you don't want another tree, grab another garland! We also still have our tree alternatives in stock which you can nab HERE if you don't have the space for a tree (or another) and want to create a nice ambience in your home. These tree alternatives are sure to turn heads!

Why not gift a tree this Christmas to a loved one or someone who is less fortunate? Here at Pines and Needles, we love giving, as it's what brings us joy and hope. Every year we donate trees to charities, schools, hospitals and more to spread the cheer. Become a hero in your community and gift a magnificent tree this Christmas!

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