Get your skates on!

Get your skates on!

10 Nov , 2018

Ice Skating Rinks YES! It’s that time we’ve all been waiting for. The time to grab your family and friends put on your skates, and head to the ice-rink!  You’re ready to twirl, spin, leap, prance and dive through the air with the grace of a modern-day Torvill and Dean. Not you? No, it’s not us either. We spend a good 90% of each ice skating trip on our bums. You’d think we’d be experts by now but sadly, a load of our favourite ice skating rinks aren't open all year round, so we don’t get the practice. Anyway! Since when has Christmas ice skating ever been about skill. Sure, some people reading this do fly through the air with all the grace of a professional, and they’ll be twirling and spinning as we sip our mulled wine and rub our tailbones, but does anyone like that person? We didn’t think so. Anyway, we’re not bitter, well, not for long, so here’s a short list of the best ice skating venues for you to head on over to this Christmas, no matter your skill level! Just don’t expect us to be impressed when we see you twirling and going backwards while singing silent night.


The Natural History Museum

Sorry! We know it’s entirely predictable for this to be the top of the list, it’s just because there’s nothing else quite like it. Set against the gorgeous backdrop of South Kensington this ice-skating ring is a spectacle like no other. As well as looking pretty, for those less crazy about the skating, there's a gorgeous spot overlooking that serves mulled wines, drinks and cakes. We love it.


The Tower of London

Why not take a skate around one of the most iconic landmarks on British soil, the tower of London! You’ll find this dazzling rink located in the dry moat, it’s not only beautiful but it also boasts the additional factor that you’ll be ice skating through and around a genuine piece of history. Don’t worry there’s also food and drink at the sidelines!


Hampton Court

Here’s one for those of us that want to get out of the city and for those that can’t face going in! London does have some beautiful things to do and see, but so many people neglect all the wonder that can so easily be found if you go a little further out. Hampton court palace is one of these wonders. Just imagine taking being able to take the opportunity to ice skate around a picturesque scene that was once Henry the VIII’s luxury pad. We recommend going up at night under beautiful lighting and alongside river Thames. It’s as fun and as grandiose as you can imagine!

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