One Tree. Five Ways

One Tree. Five Ways

08 Nov , 2018

One Christmas Tree, 5 Ways:

So, what are your decoration plans this year? Have you got that far? You should really have considered this by now, it’s November, and the clock is ticking! Before you know it, our kilted tree delivery service will be knocking at your door ready to put up your tree, and you’ll be stuck with a big beautiful tree and nothing to put on it. In some cases that might be worse than not getting a tree altogether! Just imagine the sad faces throughout your household as they gaze upon the beautiful tree you’ve ordered (from Pines and Needles) and there’s just nothing to put on it. You’ll have to venture out and face the pre-Christmas rush, you might even be left with the worst decorations available because everyone else was one step ahead! Don’t do this to yourself. As a Christmas fan, you’re better than this! So here are five Christmas tree styles to get your creative juices flowing!


Let it sparkle with Lights

Lights, lights and more lights! Think of the brightest festive tree you can imagine, and then double it! You’ve seen the movies, the tree sits quietly in the dark, a crowd gather festive spirits are soaring and suddenly, somewhere nearby a switch is pressed, and lights engulf the party! People gasp in awe as bright, beautiful lights wash away any pre-Christmas woe! Surely you want this too? Our new LED Christmas lights don’t glow, they shine. Go bright, or go home this Christmas!


Decorate with bows 

Try something more quintessentially Christmas this year, try our decorative red bows. We love the red bow look, it’s a classic yet entirely chic look due to how much it seems to get overlooked at the moment. It’s the perfect way to bring a modern, trendy nod to your Christmas without looking the same as everyone else!


Let us do the hard work!

Why do all the hard work! Why do any work? There’s plenty of hard work going around at Christmas time without the excess hassle of decorating a tree. Sure, it can be fun, it can be exciting, and it can be a fabulous chance to flex your Christmas Tree decorating artistic flare. However, it’s also very time-consuming. Why don’t you leave it to us? You can place your order here, and we’ll do everything else.


Create A Theme

This one’s entirely up to you. We’ve got all the decoration tools you could need and all the advice you could ever need, but sometimes, a real Christmas Tree warrior needs to just branch out on their own. You can view our whole list of decorations here, and with this, you can build the original, one of a kind Christmas theme of your wildest dreams!


All Natural

Yes, we know, earlier we said a tree without decorations arriving would be a disaster… but, and this is a big but, what if you had planned for this all along? Your theme this year was all natural, a woodland oasis of festive cheer and a veritable platter of all things naturally Christmas! Yes, it can be beautiful, but you would need one of the most beautiful trees to hold its own without decorations… wonder where you could find that…?

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