We're Popping up!

We're Popping up!

11 Nov , 2018

Listen up! We have a significant announcement that you need to stop and read, immediately. Anything you have ever considered important does not come close to this moment. Seriously, put it down. That mince pie? Drop it. You need to be sitting down, completely comfortable and prepared to hear a piece of news that is going to change your Christmas… FOREVER.

Are you ready? Are you definitely prepared? OK! Pines and Needles are officially popping up! That’s right from the 11th of November (Today!) our Christmas pop-up stalls will be starting to open for business! You can find all of our operating locations, along with their opening times on our website.

Now, why is this so exciting? That would be because it’s officially Christmas (Yes, we’ve been saying this since September) and you can finally pop in, find a tree of your own and enjoy all sorts of merriment! Even if you’re not planning on buying a tree quite yet and just fancy a chat and a bit of that 'festive feeling' just come on down, we’ll be more than happy to see you!

Also, make sure you pay very close attention to our social media channels because we’ll be announcing all kinds of events at our pop-ups! There’ll be choirs, there’ll be drinks, there’ll be mince pies and of course non-stop festivity!

Anyway, we best be off! We’ve got pop-ups to open! We’ll see you all very soon!

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