Prepare for Black Friday!

Prepare for Black Friday!

22 Nov , 2018

Are you ready for the battle of a lifetime? Have you been preparing your combat skills for what could be the hardest fight of your life? If you haven’t started training, we recommend you do so immediately. You need to be ready to fight, and you need to be strong. There’s a storm coming this Friday, and we’re sure that without training you're never going to weather it. It’s the kind of storm where people take to the streets in rage, they forget who they are and can no longer see a friend from foe. They attack, they scratch, there's pushing and screaming. It’s a parade of violence not to be caught up in as it could surely mean a bitter end. Why though? Why all the senseless violence? What causes people to become monsters and hurt their fellow man to such an unforgivable extent? That would be bargains. That’s right, bargain prices. It’s black Friday on the 23rd. The biggest sales day of the year and people all over the country are going to go completely mental. Wait? This is for England, not America?

 Oh, right. Well, you can entirely skip the training, to be honest. You also don’t have to worry about turning up unusually early to avoid the violence or claim a bargain as quickly as possible. To be frank, things aren’t going to be too different. The shops might be a little busier, but that may just mean a slightly fuller train. One thing is definitely still the same as the US, and that’s the bargains. We’ve got a little deal or two ourselves for you to check out! Why don’t you make the most of it and get it while it’s cheap, don’t worry, we’re quite relaxed here on Black Friday so you should be fine!



Remember, there’s no mad rush here, just very well priced Christmas trees for you to take full advantage of. Have a fantastic black Friday.

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