Giving this Christmas

Giving this Christmas

26 Nov , 2018
Every year we want to do more, give more and help as much as we can, to the best of our abilities. It’s a tough time of year, the weather turns bitter cold, and it becomes difficult to see past your own challenges. It’s an expensive time, it’s a challenging time and sadly, it’s a time when being charitable can take a back seat. We’re not saying everyone is guilty of this, in fact, Christmas inspires some of the most philanthropic decisions! We’re just acknowledging that it can be difficult and you most certainly shouldn’t beat yourself up if you find yourself unable to give anything. However, if you are looking to give a little something back then here are a few ideas to look into.


Toys for Tots 

Toys for Tots is one of the most Christmassy charities there is! They distribute unwanted toys to those less fortunate! For so many kids it can be hard to receive nothing at a time when it seems like everyone else, toys for tots won’t stand for this and are making a difference one gift at a time!



You don’t only have to give to the people close to you. There are people far and wide, across the world, that are in need of aid! This Christmas maybe it would be worth sacrificing a little for those who don’t even have much. The smallest some can make a huge change.



If you can't give anything monetary this year, well anything physical, why not give something that’s equally valuable and give your time. Volunteers are always in hot demand over Christmas. The best part is you can see exactly how much of a difference you’re making. You are on the ground, and you are making someone's life a little brighter.

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