Christmas Wedding Anyone?

Christmas Wedding Anyone?

20 Jun , 2019
Snow gently falls, a soft snowfall, one you barely notice. Then you will look around and see a gentle white coating adding that shimmer of elegance expected on a perfect Christmas wedding. But, it takes a little more than snow to conjure images of the perfect Christmas wedding, not when you’ve dreamed of a winter wonderland. Amongst the snow and effervescent joy there’s greenery, a tall and beautiful Norway Spruce, the most traditional of Victorian Christmas trees. There can be more than one of course.  Imagine walking through a field of greenery, gorgeous trees that create a stunning contrast to your crystal white dress. Finally, decorations complete the picture, nothing too audacious. Perhaps you’ve dreamed of the ridiculous, either way, everything is exactly as you’ve always envisaged but with a hint of festive magic.


Christmas Wedding Collage from Pines and Needles
Christmas is a time for magic and nothing sparkles with a touch of magic as much as a wedding. Weddings encapsulate happiness, family and love. No other season lends itself to this quite like Christmas. Of course, there is the typical summer wedding, it’s tried and tested but it’s usually marred by the weather (this is the U.K after all...) and why be typical? Especially with something as grand as your wedding. With a Christmas wedding there are so many options. We have the know-how and the team to bring these options to life.


Decoration Themes for a Christmas Wedding

Are you looking for something traditional? A winter wedding that doesn’t necessarily scream Christmas but embraces the look of the season? Then look no further than our Nordic theme. Rich copper tones that don’t shout Santa but exemplify style. Combine this with it’s delicate yet dignified decoration style. It will create an unforgettable yet subtle winter look that will enchant your guests.

Nordic Christmas Box from Pines and Needles

There’s also the another route… Red, gold and endlessly glamorous. Pull out all the stops and create the ultimate Christmas spectacle for your wedding. Think of our theme ‘Heritage’. It’s fun, it’s bold and it’s unashamedly Christmassy.

Royal Christmas Decorations from Pines and Needles

Finally, what matters most on your big day is that you are happy. Once you’ve decided what you want it’s down to everyone, and everything else to ensure it goes perfectly. If there’s one thing we’re proud of, it’s that we won’t ever let you down. Take the plunge and go for it, the ultimate Christmas wedding. Just make sure you hire the experts.

Blurred Wedding Kiss with Pines and Needles

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