Christmas Photoshoot Ideas

Christmas Photoshoot Ideas

24 Jun , 2019
It always seems weird doing a Christmas photoshoot in July when it's 27 degrees, the tube is hot and sticky and a plume of pollution hovers over London. That however is the reality for many professional photographers. Newspapers, magazines, journals, top brands and retail stores are all thinking ahead. They are preparing for their bumper Christmas issues or in store Christmas promotions.


Finding a Christmas tree in the summer

So you have booked the studio space and time and shipped or ordered the lights. Now it is time to think about the set up. Hot dang it! Where the hell do I get a real Christmas tree at this time of year? Well you have come to the right place. Just give us a call and we will be glad to help and supply you with exactly what you require, when and where you want it. How do we do this? Well strange as it may seem Christmas trees carry on growing throughout the year!


Christmas trees grow all year!


Christmas Photoshoot set up

When it comes to set up you need to have as many Christmas photoshoot ideas and props as possible. Props? Yup, whilst the creatives from the magazine or store will have a good idea about what they want and may bring models and some of their own props you may need to provide your own. Fear not, we are a highly experienced crew. We offer our own Christmas Tree Decoration Service. This means we can decorate a tree to a chosen theme or accent colour. We also provide the baubles and other decorations to ensure your set up is perfect. Oh and don't forget the lights! We have a large selection to choose from. Just make sure you get a decent brief from your client before you order. When it comes to Christmas photoshoot ideas, it is not just down to your client's creative direction. As a creative professional it is down to you create the right atmosphere with the lights, angles and framing. We can advise on creating that special Christmas atmosphere as we have done this countless times in people's homes, corporate offices and public spaces. So you are set, the models have arrived the set up is complete, all you have to do is make them smile!

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