Christmas Tree Stores and Other Items

Christmas Tree Stores and Other Items

03 Aug , 2019
Welcome to our Newsletter, about this time we like to update everyone on our Christmas Tree Stores.  We have 22 confirmed sites for Pines and Needles from Brick Lane to Battersea Park, Wandsworth High Street to Bournemouth in Dorset. We love our Stores, Shops, Stands - they give the ultimate opportunity to truly imprint a piece of Christmas in a local market.  All of our stores are handbuilt, many are log cabins, all come with fake snow. Our only regret is that the snow is not real. Most of all though - we're recruiting a super friendly team this year to man the stores.  People make everything work wonderfully well and our young, excited and slightly bewildered team will bring plenty of cheer and good spirits to our Stores.


At the Farm

At the farm, we've been out, inspecting.  August is an interesting time of year, the trees are growing a little less, the fresh green buds are turning darker, the trees are maturing. Our main job at this time of year is selection.  We don't like to compartmentalise our Christmas Trees. We prefer to walk the walk and select the Trees according to their quality. This means walking around the fields with armfuls of coloured tags.  Those trees that are not selected are left for next year or a future cutting.  The whole process is referred to as thinning. On the Farm we're also grass-cutting around the Christmas Trees, a little mow (with a strimmer) means more resources for the tree, less for the grass and that means a healthy Christmas tree.


At the Office

It's reaching pandemonium as there is just too much still to organise. Marketing staff are starting work. The website developers are finishing off the website. There are plans and decisions to be made, materials for the Christmas Tree Stores, staff to recruit and these days the inevitable computer hiccups to be ironed out.  All in all, we're busy. But also proud to have you on board Please keep hanging in there with us. Buy a Tree or subscribe to our newsletter and we'll make sure we keep you updated on all our activities.

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