Colours of Christmas 2019

Colours of Christmas 2019

12 Aug , 2019
Fashion has a nasty habit of imposing itself on anything and everything including the colours of Christmas. It might express itself in the latest Nike trainer, a new collection of clothing or a new range of cars. This is all about colour of course. These trends can be all pervasive and extend almost anywhere including to beachwear! Clearly Aa traditional Christmas is associated with the colours red, green, gold and silver. Some consider those to be passé.



Design led Colours of Christmas

Colour is such an emotive subject and every event these days, it seems, has to have a special colour theme. So it is with Christmas. Designers take their cues from what is going on in the world around them. A graphic designer might for example gain inspiration from the PantoneⓇ colour of the year, in 2019 this was Living Coral (16-1546 ). A set designer might plump for traditional red and green. Some opt for a minimal palette when it comes to decorations or just choose just one colour, a silver perhaps. Depending on what’s on trend, some may want to decorate their tree or installation differently and transform the aesthetics of their home, office or installation.

The colours of Christmas are traditionally, red, green and gold


The Christmas Tree Canvas

In 2019 the colours of Christmas don't fall into any specific categories. However looking around there are a lot that are considered 'In.' Pastel colours are very popular but so is black and white. Whatever you think, like or see probably the most important consideration is the type of tree you choose. The tree is the canvas upon which you paint the colours of Christmas. Here at Pines and Needles we have the very best selection of real Christmas trees, sustainably grown on our own Scottish Christmas Tree farms. Take your pick from our range of Nordmann Fir, Non-Drop Christmas Trees or choose our more traditional and sweet-smelling Norway Spruce Christmas Trees. If it is an artificial tree you are after we can also supply those. Can't make up your mind? Then you have three choices. Firstly stick to the tried and tested and go for something traditional. It will work. Be adventurous and brief a designer. Thirdly contact us. We have decorated hundreds if not thousands of trees, homes and offices. We'll ensure that whatever the colours of Christmas you will have something memorable for the occasion.

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