What’s Hot & What’s Not

What’s Hot & What’s Not

26 Oct , 2020

Christmas is a fashionable season, the colour and decoration trends are changing yearly. Dress your home to make it feel special this year!

At Pines and Needles we love a traditional Red and Gold theme, some might say old and boring but we say Christmas luxe. All the things that spring to mind when you think of the deep red and rich gold colours: Santa, Holly, Poinsettias, warm white golden Christmas lights, Christmas Stockings, wrapped presents under the tree……

If you want something a bit more subtle the classic Nordic colour styles never age. White and Red, White and Copper all colour combinations to reflect that nature, log cabins,  snowy landscapes and warm fires at Christmas time. Introducing a little copper to white tree decorations or rose gold gives a classy Christmas look.

We stock a range of colour combination sets that will help create the look you desire for this year. Dress it up or down with fresh or artificial wreaths and garlands…

Maybe just add lights, simple is in! Our cascade lights are perfect alone and easy to drape onto your tree.

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