17 Dec , 2020

Which do you prefer: Artificial or real Christmas trees? There should be no choice, real is definitely the way to go in our eyes. Our trees are the best Christmas trees 2020. Artificial Christmas trees are out and real Christmas trees are in! We are not quite at zero waste yet but we are definitely working on it, anything to help the environment.

We sell quality, affordable real trees of different sizes and shapes….If you are looking for a Pre-Lit tree we can change your mind….real trees with sparking LED lights are part of the plan to be sustainable as they are energy saving and safe. 

Our beautiful range of real Christmas trees for sale online from July each year and in our stores around London from November. The key is selecting the best type of Christmas tree for you depending on where you will be keeping it…..

  1. The Nordmann Fir Christmas tree is suited as an indoor Christmas tree, the best one for homes with families and pets as it has a good needle retention.
  2. The Traditional Norway Spruce, it’s the one that has that sought after ‘Christmas tree smell’, known as an outdoor tree so if you are looking to put indoors ensure you buy very close to Christmas day as the average period they last is around 2 weeks maximum. Prickly needles are a downside so if you have pets and children avoid this type!
  3. The Pot-Grown Christmas Tree, as the title suggests….Great for smaller spaces or as an additional Christmas tree in lets say the kitchen if you want a Christmas tree in every room!
  4. Mini Christmas Tree - ideal for your desk, Porch, Driveways….

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