Christmas Décor Trends 2021

Christmas Décor Trends 2021

07 Nov , 2021

At this point, Christmas seems like its on a bullet train straight to our homes. With that said, let's look at some of the trends we can expect to lay our eyes upon or inspire us to follow, giving us that warm and cozy festive feeling. 

Christmas Décor Trends 2021

Trending Colours

Turquoise is known for inspiring tranquility, joy and sophistication, with purple bringing in a pleasantly regal look to your home. These colours paired with gold are a perfectly elegant choice and will be sure to impress your guests.

Metallics will be an ongoing trend this year and are sure to steal the stage again this festive season. Whether you'll be going for silver, gold or both, these colours will delightfully welcome in that winter wonderland look. With British homes becoming more modern, silver and gold tones will definitely continue to reign for years to come.

Christmas Décor Trends 2021
Multiple Trees

Many of us will want to stay within the holiday spirit no matter where we go, so why not have multiple trees in your home? The good thing about Christmas trees is that you have a choice between sizes - in which case you can set up a smaller tree in another room.  Remember, they don't all have to be real! With tree alternatives becoming increasingly more popular, I definitely recommend you looking at the Pines and Needles tree alternatives selection, new to the website! Place one of these alternatives to spice up another room in your home, with more options to set them on your table or on your wall.


Christmas Décor Trends 2021


The more natural, the better (that's why you stick with Pines and Needles!). With natural foliage being a favourite for Christmas aesthetics, we will certainly be seeing more homes going for greener décor. Buy your wreaths and garlands here

We will also be holding wreath-making tutorials for some festive fun in our stores, so make sure to keep an eye out on social media @pinesandneedles for some crafting fun and bring along your partner, friend, parents, children. We'll also be hosting tree tutorials for kids! 

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