Affordable Luxuries

Affordable Luxuries

25 Oct , 2021
Back during lockdown all our working activities were compromised but the delivery drivers were still out there delivering those things that we just couldn’t go out and buy. I don’t know about you, but I became a bit of a recluse. By the end of the first lockdown, I really didn’t want to go out shopping but thanks to the internet I was able to indulge in lots of affordable luxuries. My weakness was audio CDs, cheap as chips and everyone that shot through the letterbox made me happy.
Affordable Luxuries from Pines and Needles
During lockdown I tried to keep in touch with as many of my friends as possible by WhatsApp, iMessage and Zoom. In fact I think I spoke to them more often than I did under normal circumstances. One thing I noticed was that my bank account had started to swell. I was still working flat out, so the money was still coming in, but I was spending far less. One of my distant friends based in Yorkshire found that he, his wife and three teenage children were well and truly stuck at home and after the novelty of endless board games had worn off, they decided to set up a business. It took them less than ten days from concept to first sale.

Quite impressive eh! Internet based, my mate, an IT manager was able to set up a basic eCommerce site relatively quickly but what could he and his family possibly sell? It came down to how they were all feeling under lockdown. Well, enough to be able to feed and entertain themselves, walk the dog but unable to enjoy the little luxuries that a fully-fledged retail experience could offer. They also reckoned that like me many people would have bank accounts that were healthier than normal. The site they reasoned needed to entice people to spend small amounts on things that were comforting. The business was also on the money because it set out to offer sustainable alternatives and be eco-friendly. The kids helped to define the products, and then got on their phones to source them and get them in stock in their garage. A table was set up and cardboard boxes ordered to make sure they could package them and send them out by post on a daily basis.

The products? Yes, yes, I am coming to that! Here goes:
  • Wooden toothbrushes
  • Eco toothpaste
  • Lip balm
  • Foot balm
  • Many different eco-deodorants 
  • Eye treatments
  • Fairtrade chocolate
  • Beeswax/linen wraps
  • Various herbal teas
  • Etc. 
In all nearly 70 different products.

A bit of activity on Facebook, Insta and Twitter to promote their site and they were up and away. They caught a particular wave for sustainable and affordable luxuries and found themselves extremely busy in no time.

All good things however must come to an end. The family closed down the business in July 2021, not because it was failing but because the kids needed to get back to education and my mate and his wife to re-focus on their day jobs. The extra hours had started to take their toll. I think they found it to be a worthwhile experience and they had many happy customers who left glowing reviews. It just showed that if you keep the affordable luxuries coming people stay happy!
Affordable Christmas Luxuries from Pines and Needles
As we approach Christmas supply chain issues mean that it might not be the spending splurge, we have all become used to. So, what to do? Christmas is about giving, so keep it simple and think carefully about what it is that will make your nearest and dearest happy. It is more likely to be an affordable luxury than something expensive.

One last thing, make sure you don’t skimp on the ultimate seasonal affordable luxury, a real Christmas Tree from Pines and Needles. That’ll do the trick.

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