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Our Services

01 Oct , 2021
Retailers talk about their products very often with little mention of the service they provide to demonstrate, aid buying right through to delivery and even maintenance. To my mind products and services are one and the same thing.

I am always inclined to believe that over the years I have made some good choices when it comes to purchases. I am a fastidious buyer. My wife thinks I am nuts because of the time I sometimes spend ‘umming’ and ‘erring’ about an incipient purchase. I like to think it is simply good market research. It must take up quite a bit of my consciousness because she normally knows the point at which I have made the decision. “You’re about to buy something aren’t you?” Damn caught out yet again!

I do spend quite a bit of time it is true. Recently I researched some new binoculars. It took me over two years and near the end I was so befuddled I travelled up to Norfolk to try some out. That was a trip of 170 miles! Was it worth it? Actually yes, but it was more about the store and the knowledge of the staff who were real enthusiasts. I walked away with a stunning pair which were also under my budget. I did take the opportunity to spend a few days in a beautiful part of the world, so I combined an important purchase with a few days holiday. So as much as I got the type of product that I was looking for, it was important to me that I purchased it from a business that provided both expertise and service.

When I look at what we do here at Pines and Needles I always try to think about the customer perspective. So many businesses seem to ignore this.
Our Christmas Services this Christmas here at Pines and Needles

We are purveyors (I like that word) of real Christmas Trees that we plant, grow and nurture ourselves on our own plantations in Scotland. We have the developed the expertise over many years. We know that we must cater for a wide variety of customers from small flat owners to businesses with large atriums to fill. The range of tree sizes we make available reflects this knowledge. Our trees are fresh cut so we must ensure we can get them to our customers in great condition, so we set up pop-up stores across London.

It does not stop at our stores. Once there we help customers choose an appropriate tree and then provide a huge range of decorations, lights, and accessories to complement the tree they have chosen. Beyond the stores we offer a home delivery service just in case you can’t fit the tree in or on top of your car.

Christmas is a busy and hectic time and for working people who work right up until Christmas Eve, we offer an installation service too, we’ll even decorate your tree too if that’s what you’d like us to do. Believe it or not we do get quite a few requests for this service.

A while back it became clear that not everybody could come out to one of our stores, so thanks to the world wide web and the internet we went online. A simple choice to extend our product and service offering has proved extremely popular and we now supply trees all over the country. The store site on which you are reading this blog caters for a huge variety of Christmas Festivity needs from trees, decorations, and lights plus a full range of accessories. If we can help, please do not hesitate to ask. For us it is all about how we service our customers. Have a great Christmas.

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