Christmas Tree Decoration

Christmas Tree Decoration

05 Oct , 2021
Your Christmas Tree says so much about you. Well, doesn’t it? My kids are absolutely invested in Christmas Tree decoration. They remember all the decorations that we have stored in the loft, especially the ones they made at Primary School! Each year when Christmas comes around they expect to see the same old, same old.

Funny thing is this year my eldest is staying at her home for Christmas and she’s going for broke. Despite the nostalgia for Christmas at home she has decided that her Christmas Tree will be completely different. She’s going to put an entirely different spin on it. One thing at least, she’s going for a real tree. The young are so up on environmental matters that an artificial tree is a complete no, no. You may ask what is she going to do? I asked that but it’s top secret apparently and I’ll have to wait till Boxing Day to find out!
Christmas Tree Decorations from Pines and Needles

So, all this got me to thinking. When I first hosted Christmas what was in my mind? A real tree yes, lights yes (Damn those pesky incandescent bulbs that always seemed to fail between one Christmas and the next). Decorations hmm, that’s a tough one. I think we just went to a big department store and followed tradition when it came to choosing.

Today everything is different. Assuming you have already chosen your tree, let’s start at the bottom. A real tree needs a water holding stand to ensure that it remains in tip top condition over the duration of the festivities. If you have one of these, I concede that they are not the most beautiful of objects so perhaps some bright coloured crepe paper to cover it or even better one of those fancy Gisela Graham skirts. These are new to my mind but quite a good investment as they look great, and they provide a soft landing for the presents when they start to get stacked up under the tree.
Christmas Tree Lights Decorations from Pines and Needles

Moving on up I reckon tinsel comes next if you like that sort thing and then the lights. Lights are so much better these days, either mains or battery powered and LED (so last forever) they come in bright white or you can now get ones which sort of mimic the old type, incandescent bulbs. Coloured, for sure and in all shapes and sizes. I am a ‘less is more’ kind of guy so I went for tiny soft white bulbs that occasionally twinkle. Yes, all the modern LED lighting sets are ‘multi action’ which means they can come on in a number of different sequences, flash and be downright annoying if that takes your fancy! Suffice to say there is something for everyone, just choose carefully otherwise you might think you are in a disco.

The treetop is next. Now I don’t know about you, but I reckon a star of some sort is classic, but others like a fairy or even a Santa. Each to his own! Now we get to the baubles. I think the choice of baubles is what makes or breaks you themed design. WHAT!! Yes themed designs and colourways are all the rage these days. You can get sets of baubles that are themed. Some are quite plain but beautifully considered, others are covered in intricate designs and adornment. Just look the decorations on this site and you will see what I mean. There is a lot of choice and I think this is where you need to spend the most time because as I say the baubles IMHO are the mark of your Christmas Tree.

If all this seems too much there are even professional Christmas décor specialists who can help, but we offer a service in London too. We can not only deliver and install your tree but also decorate and light it for you too. One last tip, whatever you decide to do have fun think ahead and don’t get stressed because you have left it till the last minute.

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