Offering the Ultimate Shopping Experience

Offering the Ultimate Shopping Experience

07 Oct , 2021
I am a bit agnostic  (not sure that is the right word but I'm sure you get my drift) when it comes to the shopping experience. Retail therapy has been hit hard by the pandemic and although the vaccination programme has given people the confidence to go back to the shops friends in hospitality and retail tell me that the return is somewhat patchy.

The latest Bond movie – No Time to Die, is a case in point. Most people, young, middle aged and older are a bit conflicted. They would love to see the movie especially after the rave reviews but the thought of being cooped up in a dark space with lots of other people coughing and spluttering for 160 minutes (yes, it’s that long) does not really appeal.

A couple of my mates have just been to their barber of choice and were really stoked to find that the experience and the return of a haircut that is à la mode made them feel happy. I visited a John Lewis store the first time in more than two years recently. Ok it was after 5:00pm but the store was practically empty. You want there to be a buzz when you go shopping and I am not sure we are back to pre-pandemic norms just now.

What about online I hear you ask. I must confess living outside a major city means that for any serious shopping I have to jump into my car and travel at least half an hour. For that reason, I have become an accomplished online shopper. I shop where the shopping experience is easy and provides me with enough information to make a decent buying decision. One exception was for a pair of binoculars, where online reviews and stores just confused me.

Here at Pines & Needles we have been crafting our Christmas shopping experience for many years and if the title of this blog seems a little big-headed that might because we are confident that we have achieved our goal and do provide the ultimate shopping experience for our customers, both at our pop-up stores and here online.
Offering the Ultimate Shopping Experience
Where do we start? Ah I know, the Christmas Trees! Yep, we have a huge range to suit every requirement from a small flat to a business' corporate HQ atrium or the aisle of a church. Our pop-up stores are conveniently located so if you live in London, you are sure to find one near you. We encourage customers to make it a family affair. Bring the kids and choose your own tree. We also have a huge range of decorations, light and accessories. Our teams are dressed festively in kilts (our trees are grown on our own Scottish plantations), are experts and will provide friendly advice when needed. The whole ethos is based on a high level of service, which makes us leaders in our industry. We reckon that if you buy your tree from us this year you are likely to come back next year. We create a brilliant festive atmosphere we are sure you’ll enjoy. Our stores are outside in the fresh air so there is no need to worry about that little disease that has been afflicting us for so long.
Offering the Ultimate Shopping Experience

If you have chosen a beautiful fresh Christmas Tree and find you can’t get it home, we’ll deliver it for you. Oh, dear something has come up and we’re really pushed for time, can you deliver and install it at the same problem! We’ll even decorate it for you too. Our shopping experience is goes beyond that too, we take care of everything if that’s what you need... yup we’ll even come and pick up your tree at the end of the festivities and dispose of it in a sustainable process.

What about online? We think we have that covered well too, but judge for yourself. We’ll deliver our trees, decorations, lights and accessories anywhere in the UK.

Do we provide the ultimate shopping experience? We think it is pretty darned good but then we would!

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