What's happening at the North Pole Tree Farm?

What's happening at the North Pole Tree Farm?

12 Sep , 2019

Strange as it may seem the the North Pole Tree Farm is not anywhere near the North Pole. It is actually in Scotland. For us who work mostly in London it is a long way north, over 400 miles in fact so it might as well be near the North Pole...our little joke!

At this time of year with the sun still quite high in the sky and summer not quite over thinking about Christmas Trees still seems a bit strange. There is however a huge amount happening at our North Pole Christmas Tree Farm. With quite an extensive acreage, or hectarage, if you are a bit more up to speed with the modern world, there is quite a lot of ground to cover and many many trees to inspect.

Why are we inspecting trees? Well we are inspecting them for health and growth stage. We supply trees from 3ft to 12ft and even bigger sometimes. Each tree has to pass muster, in terms of health, shape and size. We need to ensure that the trees we supply are simply the best money can buy. We tag each tree that we intend to cut according to its size and only cut enough to ensure we have enough stocks during the season. There is absolutely no point in being left with lots of cut trees that we then have to dispose of at the end of the festive season.

This in itself is a challenge we base our numbers on over 20 years of trading with a little increase based on what we think we need. It is never easy but we are getting better at it. Sustainability is important to us so we make every effort to get this right.

So while you are getting back to work and your kids back to school, we are busy tagging trees to ensure our customers get exactly what they need. If you come to Pines and Needles to buy your Christmas Tree in 2019 have a thought for the effort put in by our guys walking North Pole plantation right now.

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