Kilts? What do they have to do with Christmas?

Kilts? What do they have to do with Christmas?

14 Nov , 2019
A kilt in case you are wondering is a knee-length pleated skirt associated with the traditional dress of men residing in the Scottish Highlands. Remember the film Braveheart? Even Mel Gibson wore one! In the 19th century, the kilt has became associated with wider Scottish culture and for many it is the symbolic national dress of Scotland. Kilts are made of wool and woven in patterns consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours, tartans, often associated with a particular clan, a family or kindred association. History lesson over!

Since our Christmas Trees are sustainably grown in Scotland, we feel a kindred spirit and some years ago decided to enhance our unique brand offering by getting our pop up store staff, delivery and installation teams to don kilts. There's nothing like a bit of dressing up to make a memorable impression! We have chosen the Royal Stewart tartan for the most part, it's bright and breezy, includes many of the colours most readily associated with Christmas and gets the message across. We are serious outgoing proud of our heritage and will get the job done. We are also high spirited and game for a laugh!

From November 17th we will be opening 22 pop up stores conveniently located across London. If you fancy a trip out with the family come and choose your real Christmas Tree, decorations, lights and accessories. If you do pay us a visit it is likely that you will be served by one of our kilted staff. Depending on the knees the sight is likely to be either delightful or amusing!

If it is a little tricky to get your family, tree and all the other wonderful things you have bought from one of our stores into your car, we can always deliver. We can deliver at a pre-arranged time and even install and decorate your Christmas Tree for you if that floats your boat. What's more we can return after the festivities are over, take down your tree and recycle it too. If we do deliver watch out for the kilts!

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