• Christmas Trees: Top Picks and Differences

    26 Nov , 2021

    Now that Christmas is literally right around the corner, let's look at the top picks for Christmas trees, the best sellers and the differences you'll expect to find in each! Having a real Christmas tree in your home is such a wonderfully magical experience and if you have never had one, this year should definitely be your first.  Get yours HERE now! Nordmann Fir When you are looking for a real Christmas...


  • Christmas At the Office - A Guide to Planning a Tree-mendous Time

    30 Oct , 2021

    Ever wanted to make some changes, go up to your office manager and say “Look, it’s time to spruce things up.”? Well, it's time. You deserve even better working environments and you know what, I can help you! It’s time to get those sleigh bells ringing and plan on getting a gorgeous Christmas tree for the office. Did you know that the colour green can instantly uplift your mood? Green...


  • Christmas Tree Trends of 2021: Keep it Trendy or Traditional?

    28 Oct , 2021

    Christmas is just a few weeks away and while we scramble to get things sorted earlier this year, it’s time to consider how we’re making this time different, more magical, more spectacular, more…real. Before we start, I’d like to remind you that delivery slots are OPEN! https://www.pinesandneedles.com/collections/christmas-trees Grab a drink or snack because we’re going to dive into the fabulous... or questionable Christmas trends of 2021! Some would agree that...


  • Kilts? What do they have to do with Christmas?

    14 Nov , 2019
    Since our Christmas Trees are sustainably grown in Scotland, we feel a kindred sprit and some years ago decided to enhance our unique brand offering by getting our pop up store staff, delivery and installation teams to don kilts. There's nothing like a bit of dressing up to make a memorable impression!


  • Live in the Christmas Moment with Us

    04 Nov , 2019
    Frrom the 17th of November you can visit one our 22 pop up Christmas Tree stores conveniently located across London. Come and share the the Christmas moment with us, bring the kids and have fun choosing you very own real Christmas Tree, decorations, lights and accessories. See, touch and smell the freshest Christmas Trees from our very own sustainable Christmas Tree plantations in Scotland.