A Weekend with P&N

A Weekend with P&N

28 Nov , 2018
What to do this weekend, the weathers not looking like it’s going to be particularly pleasant, but then again, it is winter, and we are in the U.K, so it’s to be expected. The kids will be home off school, as they are every weekend, and the weather will be doing it’s best to make sure they’re indoors, and they’re as bored as possible! What could have been an excellent opportunity to kick back and relax has been snatched from right underneath your fingertips. Thankfully, we’ve got the solution. What if we told you planning a fun day out that would occupy the kids for the whole day, save you a load of time at a later date and forge a wonderful treasured family memory! No perfect day exists we hear you say? Incorrect! This day does exist, all you have to do is plan a trip to a Pines and Needles pop -up, we’ll do the rest, it’s that simple.


What to do?

The first thing you can do is give the kids a quest to go and find their dream Christmas tree! They can take the lead and be entirely in charge. You can relax and watch them tire themselves out if you’re lucky. If you find them not tiring fast enough for your liking grab yourself a beverage and have a chat with our staff. They love meeting customers, and they’ll help you with anything else you might need.



Our pop-ups sometimes have special events running! There’s sometimes a whole lot more going on than choosing Christmas trees. We’ve got choirs, we’ve got music and food! There’s a whole world of Christmassy entertainment splendor waiting to be discovered by you!


Next stop!

Finally, most of our pop-ups are based in beautiful locations with so much to do and see! Why don’t you choose a pop-up somewhere like Kenwood House? You can go and find the perfect tree with the family, then set off to explore the ground and breath in all the beautiful sights! Make a day of it and build a Christmas memory that you and the family will go on to treasure forever.

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