Let's settle in for a Christmas movie!

Let's settle in for a Christmas movie!

19 Dec , 2018
Here’s another thing that no Christmas is ever complete without, Christmas movies! How do you choose what to watch though? With such a plethora of choice, it can be a total nightmare deciding which Christmas classic is perfect for your situation! Are you watching with the family? Will there be young children? Perhaps you’re looking for something that’s less Christmas but still accepted as a Christmas movie classic (you’ll see what we mean soon!) Thankfully, we’ve put our heads together and formulated a few categories with some options so you won’t be short of something to watch, no matter your circumstances!


The Family

This is the classic family movie set up. Everyone is home for Christmas, there are young ones around, and you're trying to settle on something to watch! It needs to be age appropriate but also fun for the adults. Here are our picks: Home Alone Frozen Elf The Grinch


The Adults

So you’re fed up of kids movies, and you want to tuck in and watch something that’s more appropriate for an adult audience. There’s nothing wrong with that, there are some Christmas classics that definitely fit this category! We recommend - Bad Santa Love Actually Deck the Halls National Lampoons


The Oddball

Now, we’re not all into regular Christmas movies. Some of us seek the weird, the beautiful and occasionally the downright crazy! Here’s our list: Krampus Gremlins Black Christmas Finally, there’s the single greatest Christmas movie ever made, that needs no introduction whatsoever, is it’s a wonderful… DIE HARD. IT’S ALWAYS DIE HARD.

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