Pop-Up Christmas Eateries

Pop-Up Christmas Eateries

17 Nov , 2018

What's the most essential part of Christmas? Well, you’ve got the presents, the music, the love and the festive cheer that flows through everyone. Yes, there’s all of those things, but are they as important as… THE FOOD? Without a shadow of a doubt, the most essential part of Christmas is all the deliciousness you’re going to get to experience over the whole period! The total abundance of flavours and delicious feasts that we all glutton ourselves with! We definitely can’t wait. The question is how do you fit it all in? No, not fit it into your body! Fit it into your schedule. There are so many different delightful eateries popping up that you need to know which ones are worth your time and which ones are going to make your belly sing! Thankfully, our team has been prepping for this moment for nearly as long as we’ve been prepping to deliver your trees. So, strap in, put on your comfy pants and get ready to be taken to food heaven!


Coppa Club

Head to Aldgate to find the delightful Coppa Club! This is our number one pick if you and your lucky guests (or even on your own, it’s Christmas, no one's judging!) are looking for being utterly cosy! Grab one of their luxury PVC riverside iglus, throw on a snuggie and prepare to bask in the warmth as passers-by look forlornly upon your Christmas comfort!


Skyline Skating, John Lewis, Oxford Circus

Skyline Skating is more than just ice-skating! In fact, that’s not a reason to visit it at all (we’ll do you a full report of ice skating hot spots soon!) The reason you need to visit skyline skating is for their cocktails. There Christmas cocktails are to die for. Their hot gins courtesy of Sipsmith are fabulous in ever Christmas way, imagine looking over London as the snow slowly begins to fall around you, and you’re sipping on a hot mulled sloe gin. Do it. Just do it. This is Christmas.


Pergola on the roof, Paddington

If you’re looking for more of a buzzing atmosphere and the hustle and bustle of Christmas entertainment, then this is the Christmas pop up for you. The food may not be particularly festive, but it is particularly EXCELLENT. This year they'll be joined by Vietnamese sensations MAM and the ever so delicious Patty and Bun. We’re also sure they’ll definitely be putting some kind of festive twists on their menus. Either way, this is a must visit.

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