The Office Christmas Party

The Office Christmas Party

22 Oct , 2018

It’s time for the most embarrassing day of the year! No, it’s not Valentine's day, even though you were caught picking up that large microwave lasagne for two that you full well knew you’d be eating alone. Nope, this is a day that embarrasses the whole country en-masse. It’s a day when everyone throws away their inhibitions, drinks far too much and swears off ever repeating it. That’s right. It’s nearly time for the office Christmas party.

Just saying those words I can feel the hair rising on the back of your neck. It’s a strange mixture of joy, fear and shame. Sure, some of us have mastered it, some of us have been doing this for years and will, fortunately, catch a cold that makes it impossible to participate, or even go. Other experienced folks know to take a back seat and watch all the amateurs get a little too caught up in their Christmas cheer. It's always going to happen, there are certain things in this world that will remain steadfast in tradition forever, and the office Christmas party is just that!

So, what happens when it's your job to organise the office Christmas party? You’ve got to pull out all the stops, everyone's expecting big things, and if you let them down, you’ll forever be known as the colleague who ruined Christmas. Can you imagine, everyone in the office talking about how you failed your only duty to supply the Christmas party of everyone's dreams! It's hardly a tall order.

Enter Pines and Needles. You may not be able to save yourself from the embarrassment of how you and your colleagues will behave, but you definitely will be able to make sure you’ve done your job and made the party location look beautiful! Whatever happens on the night you can be the office hero! You can be the staff member that made this more than just a night. You made it the festive experience of a LIFETIME.

Option one, which in our humble opinion is both the best and safest bet, is to decorate the office. Alcohol is cheap, and people can even bring their own! No one has to see the debauchery that occurs. You might even totally get away with it! Option two is renting and decorating a private or public space. It's is a little bit pricier; however, it can be oh so worth the money. You can create a veritable Christmas wonderland, we’ll supply the decor (You might want to leave it to the experts), and when your co-workers arrive, they’ll be ready for the party of a lifetime.

Either way, office Christmas parties are precisely what they are, and always will be. They’re office Christmas parties. There’s no other way to describe them. We could throw every adjective under the sun at you and not one of them would come as close to conjuring the emotions of what they entail. Anyway, that’s enough from us, here’s a link to our website. We’ll provide everything you need to put together the perfect party. We’ll deliver it, and we’ll set it up. Just order it now and get ready for what’s to come…

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