A Guide to the Ultimate Christmas Beverage....

A Guide to the Ultimate Christmas Beverage....

17 Dec , 2018
Ah! Now, this is our favorite blog so far. It’s one for anyone who’s all about the world’s most excellent Christmas drink. Not mulled wine... No, nothing like that... We’re talking Christmas beers. We’re going to tell you where to find them so you can hop on down to Shoreditch where, before you know it, you’ll be wiping the delicious taste of beer from your hipster mustache. Then on to the next spot that only the hippest beer swilling Christmas patrons head too! Or, if you don’t fancy getting out and want to drink a few delicious Christmas themed beers at home, we’ve got a few lists that will let you know where to get them.


The Guardian

Here’s a list of the Guardians top ten Christmas beers. These cover the wonderful, the whacky and the mental! That’s what craft beers all about! Though, sometimes they’re delicious and sometimes they’re delicious. I mean not delicious, sorry it’s tough to say anything negative about beer.


Beer Hawk

For anyone looking to order the ultimate set of Christmas beers for someone they genuinely love and cherish then this is the set for you! It’s stacked with some great tasting beers, and it’s not ridiculously overpriced. The prices of products can skyrocket when you add Christmas to it. Not beer though, beer is always faithful to you.


The Londonist

For those truly dedicated to the outdoor Christmas pub experience, this is the list for you. It details some of the finest boozers in London, and they’re all especially great for Christmas. You can guarantee they’ll have a ton of guest beers on tap, all Christmas themed, of course! They're ready for you to wet your whistle and ride off into the sunset to the sweet sounds of Christmas and sweet taste of Christmas beer!

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