So, you've forgotten to plan your office Christmas party...

So, you've forgotten to plan your office Christmas party...

08 Dec , 2018

Oh no. We warned you months ago! We warned you implicitly about this. We said that if you’re going to volunteer to prepare the office Christmas party, then you have to organize it early! Otherwise, you’re going to be stressed, well more than usual, and you run the risk of letting your team down on what should be one of the most enjoyable, if somewhat ludicrous, nights of the year. So, let me guess. You’ve left things down to the last minute, haven’t you? We thought this might happen… No matter how hard our early reminder elves work these kinds of disasters are impossible to avoid. Luckily, we’ve got a few options that are going to save your bacon.


How long do you have?

This is a fundamental question. If this is the day of your office Christmas party, then we can do our best, but you are in seriously bad shape. The first thing you need to do is a sprint. Yes, sprint. To your nearest Pines and Needles pop up and let them know what's gone wrong and where and when you’re going to need your tree. They’re going to think it over, and you’re going to hand over a considerable tip and say “make sure the guy who writes the blogs gets this,” remember that part is CRUCIAL. Then they’re going to do whatever they can to make this right.



Where is your Christmas party? If it’s in your office and you’re near a pop-up, you are a lot more likely to get your tree in time. We will do our best, and 90% of the time we’ll be able to help you, but if you arrive 5 minutes before you need the tree and the delivery address is Land's End we are going to struggle!



Alright, say it’s too late for the tree. You’ve gone the whole hog and managed to stuff up more royally than even we thought was possible. You’ve had to make the executive decision to forget the tree. That doesn’t mean we can’t help you Christmas up your office. Pines and Needles are always here and are still going to do their utmost for you! So here’s the answer. Decorations and a ton of mini-trees. That’s right. You can tell everyone you didn’t forget and instead you decided to go hard on all other decorations and loads of mini-trees instead. It was all a style decision, and you are not incompetent, that can be a little secret just between us ;). So, now you know what to do you better get to it! If it’s too late just feign Noro Virus and have the office evacuated and reschedule for next week. The entirely rational thing to do in the name of Christmas.

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