A Tree in Every Room

A Tree in Every Room

15 Nov , 2018

We’ve finally found a solution to tree-jealousy or over tree-spiration, or was it having too much tree-ativity? Either way, we’ve found the solution for your overabundance of ideas and plans for your Christmas tree! It happens to all of us, especially around mid-November. You’ve got a plan for your tree and a theme for the whole season. Wait no, you’ve got your plan and a backup plan, but you also really like the backup plan, in fact, on occasion, the backup plan is the plan. So effectively you’ve got two excellent plans. Oh no, it’s getting slightly worse now. You’ve got the plan, you’ve got the back up-ish plan, and now you’ve overheard Greg at work talking about his plan, realised it might be a better plan than your plan, and now you’ve got three plans because come hell or high Christmas you are not being outshone by Gregg. Not after last year Greg from accounting. Not after last year. So now you’ve got three plans and only one Christmas tree on the way. All the ideas are good individually but, not showstopping, none of them alone have the power to re-instate you as the Christmas boss of the workplace.

This was when it came to us. The simplest and easiest way to enact all of your plans and in doing so create the Christmas home masterpiece that you’ve always dreamed of, the home that people will visit and say, “oh my… you’ve certainly gone all out this year” and “Wow, I wish my home could look like this!” because you, YES YOU, have a tree in. Every. Room.

Yes, it is possible, you can pick your jaw up from the floor now. It’s so simple, yet so genius. It’s not even more work! We can deliver them all at the same time, we can decorate each and every one for you, in a different theme for a separate room and finally, after Christmas, we can collect them all. Why has no one ever thought of this?

Just imagine it, you theme each room around the tree. You’ve got Christmas Classic for the dining room decorated with the reds, greens, golds, ribbons, tinsel, all the Christmas staples! The staples that you want to feel while you dig into Christmas dinner surrounded by the family. Then, for the lounge, where the party maybe later, you can go for a more modern Christmas chic! Something edgy, something that you wouldn’t usually sacrifice the Christmas staples for before because you couldn’t squeeze them both into the same room. Now that you have a Christmas tree in every room there are no restrictions. Now you just do what you want, and nobody can stop you. Go forth and spread the word!

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