It's Christmas Panto Time!

It's Christmas Panto Time!

10 Dec , 2018

It’s that time of year again! “NO, IT’S NOT.” YES, IT IS! “OHHH NOOOO IT’S NOT.” ENOUGH. Sorry, we can’t help ourselves. When it comes to announcing that it’s officially Christmas panto season what else are you meant to do! I guess we should just put that terrible, terrible joke behind us. “IT’S BEHIND YOU!”. Stop. Seriously. We love panto, but you need to stop. Save all of this panto-gusto for the show and not for our helpful panto blog! Ok? So we’re moving on? Thank goodness! We love Panto “Oh NO YOU DON’T.” Alright. That’s it. We’re done with the intro and moving on with our list of the top pantos' to check out this Christmas season. We had a load of exciting intro chit-chat planned, and you’ve ruined it. I hope you’re pleased with yourselves


Snow White

Snow White at the London Palladium is our number 1 recommendation this year. For a start, it’s Disney, and who doesn’t love a bit of Disney? Especially at Christmas time. Disney makes us think of family, happiness, and magic. All of which is perfect at this time of year. On top of that Dawn French is playing a lead role, so you know you are in for more Christmas laughter than the jolly red man himself!



Head on down to the Hackney Empire to catch Aladin! It’s already getting rave reviews and again, Disney = FUN. We can not stress this equation enough. Our Christmas elves poured hours into it, and it’s a bonafide Christmas fact! It’s loud, it’s rude, it’s fun, and a bunch of the cast is from Eastenders, so it’s pretty much everything you know and loves about panto.



This juicy 21st-century love story meshes together classic Disney storytelling with the ill’s and spills of modern technology and the tropes therein. It’s set to be equal parts stupid, equal parts brilliant and equal parts utterly barmy. That’s panto though, isn’t it? Try something different and make sure you catch Tinderella!

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