5ft Norway Spruce Christmas Tree


5ft Norway Spruce Outdoor Christmas Tree from Pines and Needles. This is stunning sweet smelling traditional tree that will grace any home. 

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240 Warm White LED String Lights
5ft Classic Decoration Set
Note: These prices are for products only. Drop-off Delivery through to full Decoration Service costs are calculated at checkout with availability dependent on your postcode.

    We have a number of flexible and efficient Christmas tree delivery services for all orders placed with us, to suit all budgets and requirements.

    Our London customers have access to our full scope of services ranging from a drop off to door right through to a full Decoration Service.

    • Budget Deliver Tree to Door: Drop off to door from £16.95
    • Deliver Tree to Room : Drop off to room of choice from £20.95
    • Deliver + Install Tree Indoors: As above, and installation into stand from £29.95
    • Deliver + Install Tree & Lights Indoors: As above, and lighting of tree from £85.95
    • Decoration Service: As above, and Decorating tree with decorations Price dependent on tree size
    Delivery info

    None of our services include products so either the stand, lights or decorations must be purchased with Pines and Needles when you place your order or you can supply your own.

    If you require a tree over 12ft (3.7m) please visit our Large Christmas Tree Installation page and complete the survey after which a member of our Specialist Team will be in touch.

    The rest of the Mainland UK (excluding Highlands) can receive delivery to door for products and trees with the help of our professional couriers. The maximum size Christmas Tree we can provide these services for is 12ft (3.7m).

    When you purchase your tree you will be given the opportunity to select a date and timeslot. We will do everything possible on our end to make sure all products are dispatched on time and well packaged, however due to certain factors, such as weather or unexpected traffic, we cannot guarantee the date and time of delivery. If you require the tree for an event we recommend choosing a delivery date a day or two in advance.

    Unbeatable Value

    We earnestly strive to offer the best possible value to our customers.

    If you can find a better like for like offer – we will beat it!

    Unbeatable Quality

    Our Christmas Trees are guaranteed premium quality. Every effort goes into ensuring they are lovingly cared for, beautifully shaped, fresh and healthy. Have a look at our Quality Guarantee for more information.

    Unbeatable Service

    Our Services remain unparalleled, designed with every budget in mind with options for simply dropping off trees, installing them in their stands, lighting them, and even fully decorating them. Not to mention our equally scaled options for removal and recycling.

    Christmas Trees London

    Pines and Needles and the Environment

    Here is a list of the measures we take to ensure that we play our part in helping the planet:
    • Pines and Needles is carbon positive for most of the year as our trees absorb Carbon and emit Oxygen. During the Christmas season Pines and Needles is Carbon Neutral as any emissions from transportation and delivery vehicles is offset by the trees still growing in our plantations.
    • We mainly use British trees from sustainable forests - less air and land miles means reduced emissions!
    • Pines and Needles mainly uses diesel fuel and has several LPG vans, but is endeavouring to replace its delivery vans with electronic vehicles.
    • Increasingly Pines and Needles is switching to organically-grown trees. Pesticides can upset the balance of fragile ecosystems.
    • Wherever possible we encourage the use of power-saving LED lights as these use a fraction of the cost of incandescent bulbs.
    Christmas Trees London

    A Beautiful Tree Everytime

    We aim to provide all our customers with nothing but the best Christmas trees ever year in and year out.

    Our Promise is very simple:

    Fresh Christmas Trees: delivering a fresh Christmas tree to every customer. We refill our stock every 7 days and our trees come directly from the farm. Whilst in our yard, all trees are watered to ensure they stay fresh.

    We guarantee their quality.

    If for any reason you're unhappy with your tree, we will gladly replace it free of charge provided that you contact us within 2 days of delivery.

    Individually Selected Christmas Trees: All trees are hand picked for delivery. We always pick the best looking trees we have in stock - if a tree doesn't look as well as it should, we recycle it. We simply will not sell a tree unless we are certain that you will love it.

    Quality Guarantee
    Q. Should I water my tree?
    Yes, you should water your tree, keep the reservoir topped up daily until the tree stops drinking
    Q. Will my Christmas tree smell?
    All our trees have some scent to them, the Norway Spruce has the most distinctive smell and the Nordmann and fraser fir smell is less
    Q. How long will my Norway Spruce look good?
    Norway Spruce are much better suited to being outside, however it you do bring one inside we anticipate it having an average life expectancy of about 1 week.
    Q. What is the last day I can have my tree delivered?
    As long as we have the stock availabe you can order a tree right up to noon on the 23rd December for delivery on the 24th (london customers only), nationwide our last delivery date is the 22nd December so orders will have to be placed by the 20th
    Q. What is the frist day I can have my tree delivered?
    We start deliveries on the 17th November, though depending on your postcode you first delivery date might not be till the 25th, it's always worth getting in touch if you want to find out more information
    Q. When can I order my tree from?
    You can order your tree today for delivery in November and December.
    Q. When can I order my tree removal?
    You can order your removal today along with your Christmas tree order or seperately
    Q. Is the Norway spruce spiky?
    Yes, the Norway Spruce has pointy needles which are spiky to the touch
    Q. Is my tree organic
    We take every precaution to use the minimum amount of pesticides and fertilisers necissary to have healthy trees, however as we do not recommend you eat or drink tea from the needles of the tree as anything we use is not food grade
    Q. Will air-conditioning affect my tree
    Yes, air conditioning will dry a tree out, both Nordmann Fir and Norway Spruce will be affected, and this will cause it to shed needles
    Q. How heavy is my tree
    ** need to get weights this year.
    Q. Can I move my tree once installed
    Yes, just be careful as you would moving any heavy object. Take extra care over wooden floors so the stand does not scratch it.
    Q. If I have a problem with my tree, what should I do/contact
    We want to make sure you have the best experience possible, if you order online and are not happy with your tree just get in touch with us on email or chat. If you ordered from store please go back to the store you ordered it from
    Q. How old is my tree
    Nord Height + 3 years e.g 6ft = 9 years. Spruce = height - 1. e.g. 6ft = 5 years. Fraser = height + 2 e.g. 3ft = 5 years
    Q. I won't be home for the delivery, can I rearrange
    If you are unable to make you delivery please let us know as soon as possible. There may be a redelivery charge if you only let us know on the day
    Q. Can my tree cause allergies
    It is possible to have sensitivity to the trees. Mainly to any sprays used.
    Q. I have my own tree can I just buy decorations
    You can buy decorations from us, delivery charges are calculated at checkout. If you would like us to decorate a tree using your decorations we can do that, just select the tree you require and then select the decoration service at checkout. Make sure you also have your stand and lights, or you can get them from us if required.
    Q. How many needles does my tree have
    We've never worked that out, if you ever happen to embark on this do let us know the result.
    Q. Do you deliver outside the UK
    No, at this time we do not ship our trees, or any other products, internationally.
    Q. Will my tree arrive pre-decorated
    No, we send the tree, stand, lights and decorations together with a decorating team who assemble it all and decorate on location so that it looks its best.
    Q. Aside from watering my tree and keeping it away from heat, was else can I do to make it last longer
    You can spray your tree to help it retain moisure, in the same way you might a plant. This helps the tree to maintain its fresher look for longer
    Q. Can I have a Nordmann fir outside
    Yes, all trees love being outside. They much prefer the cool air to indoors. Being outside can raise their life expectancy to 6 weeks.
    Q. How wide is my tree
    General rule: Width is between a third and half of height. e.g. 6ft will be between 2 and 3ft wide. Though the taller the tree the cloesr to a third it will be and the shorter the closer to the half
    Q. How do you measure your trees
    We measure to half way up the leader (main top bit) stem. This means that to tip your tree might actually be higher then the hight you ordered
    Q. Can I use snow spray on my tree
    You can but we find it doesn't show up very well. We find snowspray works best to decorate windows or mirrors.

    Here at Pines & Needles we love everything about Christmas, the families and communities it brings together and the happiness we all share. COVID-19 has thrown a curved ball at almost every business but we’re determined to maintain our high standards of service while ensuring the safety of our staff and you, our customers.

    Government advice and guidelines are changing all the time so we’ll be reviewing our processes at regular intervals to ensure we all keep safe.

    Social distancing will still be important but we have also come up with a solution for contactless delivery, so we can continue to deliver our Christmas Trees, decorations and accessories to those, who for whatever reason, are having to isolate.

    So never fear Christmas 2021 is going to be great! We’ll make sure of it. For more information click on our full response to COVID-19.