We're here to help you get the Christmas you deserve!

Keep the cheer this year with Pines and Needles, our all new instalment payment scheme allows you to spread the cost of your Christmas Tree installation into monthly payments leading upto Christmas. So worry not - we've got you! You can order any tree you like as well as all our associated add-ons and services. Just pick your tree and let us know if you need a stand, lights and decorations - we can organise the delivery, installation and disposal of your tree at the end of the festive season!

Q. How does it work?
You can apply via email or the form shown below. Once your order is finalised we will send you a link to GoCardless so you can fill in your payment details securely. Your monthly instalments will be collected as a Direct Debit.
Q. When do you take payments?
The first payment is collected when you complete the GoCardless Direct Debit mandate, following payments are collected on the 10th of each month upto the 10th November. Your payments will vary depending on what you order and how early you start!
Q. What happens if my payment fails?
Our merchant ‘GoCardless’ will make another attempt to take the payment a few days later. If that payment also fails you will be contacted by a member of the customer service team.
Q. Will you need to make a credit check?
No. We have set up this service to help those who would benefit from breaking up the cost of Christmas a bit. As long as your order is paid three days before delivery we will work with you to help you get the Christmas you deserve.
Q. Can I amend or cancel my order?
Yes, You can add or remove items or change your service up to three days before delivery. You can pay for additional items as a one off or we can amend your payments to absorb the cost over any remaining months. If your order becomes lower we will change the monthly payments to reflect this as well. If you cancel your order you will be issued a full refund as long as it is three days before delivery.
Q. Can I add a discount to my order later on?
No, the purpose of the installment payments is to allow customers to spread the cost. If you wish to add a discount, your order will be cancelled and any payments refunded. You will then be able to place a new order with the discount and payment will be required in full.
Q. Does this include wholesale and specialist orders?
At this time this payment feature is only available to our website customers. Wholesale and specialist department orders are not included.