Hanging Christmas Tree Lights

Hanging lights on your tree is no joke! Of course if you have a team of happy elves to help you out, the job is a lot easier. However, some of us are not blessed with such fortune, which is why here at Pines and Needles, we have created a helpful four step guide to make the process quick and easy!

Four step guide to hanging Christmas Tree lights:

Step One: Check the bulbs
The first thing to do is plug in your lights to check they are working. It is far easier to fix problems before lights are hung on your Christmas Tree.

Step Two: Untangle the lights
Untangle your Christmas Tree lights. Whether you are using last year’s Christmas Tree lights, or are getting brand new ones from the box, it is important to untangle your lights before you begin.

Step Three: Measure your hanging space
Check the length of your lights against the size of your Christmas Tree. By doing so, you can determine how many strands you'll need to perfectly space out your lights.

Step Four: Hanging your lights
Always start at the bottom. By slowly coiling the light string around the tree and weave the lights in and out of the branches, you will have the perfect lit Christmas Tree.

Find Your Perfect Lights

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