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Tier 4

We are open as usual and the new restrictions put in place will not affect our operations and we are pleased to welcome to you our Stores or to use our Delivery Services. Please note we are full COVID-19 compliant.

Our priority is you, our customers, and as such we have spent the last 6 months ensuring that our COVID-19 precautions are as robust and stringent as possible under the circumstances. Our aim is to ensure that all points of contact between customers and staff are fully protected.

The measures, which are compliant with the UK Government's current guidelines for a 'COVID-19 Secure Employer', have been specifically designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce related risks across all areas of our business.

Below are listed the measures we are taking at the points of contact we have with customers:

In Store

When you visit our Stores you will be greetd with a one way flow for customers to take and hand sanitising stations will be offered for customers to clean their hands on their way into our Stores.

We respectfully ask that you queue keeping social distancing in mind (the 2m rules applies) and we will ensure extra space is available in walkways and between trees. Our staff will be COVID-19 trained and wearing face masks and on hand to help you.

Throughout opening hours all surfaces and equipment will be regularly disinfected and each night a deep clean will take place. We employ COVID-19 policies and risk assessment created using up-to-date Regulations for Retail Businesses and The Horticultural Trades Association Safe Trading Guidance.

Home and Office Deliveries

If you have booked a delivery by Pines and Needles we would like to reassure you that all precautions are taken to ensure your safety. We have three main delivery methods:

  • National Deliveries are undertaken by national couriers that have their own set of COVID-19 provisions. If you would like to know more about these please contact
  • Drop Offs - we deliver, but do not enter your premise or home. Our Vans are cleaned and disinfected every day. Our drivers wear face masks when delivering at all times and all vans are supplied with hand steriliser. We operate a full contact-less drop off service meaning that no signature is required and your delivery will be delivered to safe place as directed by you at the time of ordering.
  • Installations - Pines and Needles staff enter your premise or home to install your Christmas Tree, decorations and provide other services. As above, all vans are disinfected daily and drivers and teams are supplied with hand sanitiser, All staff will wear masks and/or face shields and gloves during their time on your property. Where possible Pines and Needles staff will not make use of amenities on premise and not enter areas of the property unless related to the installation.
  • We respectfully ask that our staff are not offered cups of tea or mince pies during their time with you and hope that this will not lessen the Christmas spirit that so many customers have come to expect from Pines and Needles.

    Our warehouses and Vans

    Pines and Needles offer the largest Christmas Tree Delivery network in the UK and as just our warehouse and workspaces are subject to regiorous Safe & Healthy work guidelines, formulated in consultation with employees and partners, and in compliance with the UK Government’s latest official guidance. Official advice via UK Government and devolved public health agencies is monitored regularly for latest details and best practice shared with employees relevant to their roles and locations. Our employees are kept fully briefed and up to date with latest COVID-19 advice on staying protected through regular communication.

    Warehouse surfaces and eqipment is regularly disinfected throughout the day and our Vans and vehicles are fully disinfected daily.

    Our Office and Call Centre

    Pines and Needles have instigated a full COVID-19 policy for the safety of our staff and employees at their place of work. Social Distancing, one way flows and appropriate visual aids and signage have been put into operation at our offices and call centre.

    A system of staggerd start and finish times and breaks is implemented to further ensure social contact is minimsed. Hygine training and guidence is available and all staff are required to regularly hand wash and use hand santiser

    Staff are encouraged to not to leave home if they or any member of their household show COVID-19 related symptons.


    Pines and Neeldes remain open to your questions, please contact us on to request further details.

    We respectfully ask all customers to let us know if they or anyone in their household has symptons of COVID-19 or are self isolating. This will not mean we cannot deliver your Christmas Tree, it just allows us to take the correct precautions to protect staff and other customers.