Our Christmas Trees
We recommend using Nordmann Fir variety trees indoors, as they are better suited to warmer environments and can keep their needles for longer
We recommend using Norway Spruce trees out of doors. They are considerably lighter than the Nordmann Fir’s and catch less of the wind, making them a safer option for use outside. 
We have a range of off the peg decorated trees for you to choose from, alternatively we can dress your tree with your decorations. We have options for both indoor and outdoor installations. 
If your looking for something larger to make a real statement, then please feel free to check out our big trees section. 
If you use these guys for more than ten years they can work out being better for the environment than a cut tree, and you won’t have to deal with the needles either. 
If your after something you can plant in your garden and enjoy for years to come then please have a look here at our Fraser Firs. 

Christmas Trees

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