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Cut trees, like flowers can require large amounts of water especially during their first week indoors. Our water holding stands are suitable for  trees up to 12 feet tall. For trees situated outdoors and those larger than 12ft we recommend the use of a heavy-duty metal “Civic Stand” suitable for trees up to 25ft tall. We can also manufacture stands to order for trees 30ft and taller and secure it with ropes and sand bags.
Water Holding “Cinco” Stands
• Stable/Durable • Easy to Use • With a reservoir for water
Made of virgin, high-impact polypropylene assures durability and reliability. The steel bolts are easy to use and make light work of set-up. With a low, wide and generous water holding reservoir they accommodate low branches and keep the tree fresh. Steel spikes at the centre of the reservoir anchor the tree safely, prevent shift and makes set-up a snap. Reinforced holes on the outer edge of the stand allow attachment to plywood if additional stability is needed when used with an extra large tree. Spill guard prevents over-filling mishaps.

If you are having your tree delivered in November or early December, or if your tree will be kept in an air-conditioned environment, it is especially important to keep your tree watered using this type of stand. Remember to top up the water reservoir regularly - You will be surprised how much your tree may drink!
Civic Stands
For Outdoor Trees or those over 12 feet. 
If your tree is being situated outdoors OR is taller than 12 foot then please see our industrial grade Civic Stands as they are better suited to larger trees

Christmas Tree Stands, Metal And Cinco Stands

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