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London Christmas Tree Removal

From the highs of Christmas to the lows of January, nothing screams ‘back to work’ more than a Christmas tree left to wither in the back garden.

And while we know all good things must come to an end, we’re here to make life easy by offering a number of collection and recycling options.


If you book you collection by 5pm we should be able to get someone out to you the very next day. However If its an emergency we suggest you give us a call as we might have a driver in your area and we could possibly send them your way. 


2 years ago, P. Needles

Yes if your purchased your stand from us it is yours to keep for future use in years to come. 

2 years ago, P. Needles

Budget collection enables you to save some money by undressing the tree and leaving it outside for one of our team to collect. Our Standard Collection option provides a bit more support in that we will come into the house or office and remove the tree for you.  So you don't have to do any heavy lifting. We do however ask that you undress the tree beforehand and remove it from it's stand. 

2 years ago, P. Needles

Premium Collection ensures you don't have tot lift a finger. We will come to your home or office, undress the tree, repack the decorations in tissue paper, stow the lights, and clean up any fallen needles, before departing with your tree for recycling. 

2 years ago, P. Needles

We usually stop collections around the 15th January however, our job is to make life easier for you so we can try and be flexible. Give us a call!


2 years ago, P. Needles
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