Spending Christmas at Home or Away?

Spending Christmas at Home or Away?

01 Nov , 2021
Christmas is an international festival, with over 160 countries considering it to be the most important holiday of the year. Every culture that celebrates Christmas does so in different ways, meaning if you choose to travel afar for the Christmas holidays, the festive experience may feel like a very different affair! Some seek the benefits and thrill from experiencing Christmas in a whole new light, whereas others find joy from home comforts and keeping things traditional. That being said, it is time to get planning. So what will it be, Christmas at home or away?

Undoubtedly after a year of lockdowns and border restrictions, the opportunity to travel abroad over the holiday season is certainly appealing. And there are plenty of places to visit that will provide you with a Christmas experience like no other.
Spending Christmas at Home or Away?
Many Scandinavian countries offer the ultimate snow-fest. It’s like stepping into a scene from a Christmas movie. From Finnish Lapland, where you can experience the thrill of husky riding and visiting the North Pole, to Norwegian snow safaris. Sounds dreamy right?

While these countries may share some seasonal customs, they also have their own unique ways of celebrating the holiday season. Don’t get your dates mixed up as Christmas Eve is the main event in these Scandinavian countries, with families getting together on this day to share gifts and eat their Christmas meal.

Some like it hot...For those seeking some Vitamin D this December, destinations such as Madeira might be more appealing. Voted the best winter sun destination in Europe, you can explore Madeira’s traditional Christmas markets in a t-shirt. Or if you are willing to venture further afield you may find yourself sipping a rum cocktail on the sandy shores of the Caribbean on December 25th.

Having lived in Singapore for the last two years and experienced tropical Christmases, I can certainly say they are different, but what’s not to love about a dip in the pool followed by a Turkey dinner?

Despite the appeal of a trip abroad, many people value being able to spend Christmas at home. The UK is an extremely special place to be at Christmas, as towns and cities are decorated with Christmas lights, nativities, plays and carol services take place and Christmas markets are set up across the country. Not forgetting the excitement around the launch of the annual John Lewis Christmas advert! All of these festivities foster a sense of community and togetherness that make it a truly magical place to be.
Spending Christmas at Home or Away?
Beyond these nationwide events, I truly believe that nothing quite beats being able to spend time at home with your loved ones. And this year, it’s an opportunity for me to fly home to see my family after two years. What could be better? I’m already excited for our family trip to pick our real Christmas tree at one of Pines and Needles outdoor stores. It’s a sacred family tradition, and nothing beats that feeling when you unwrap the tree and the beautiful pine needle smell fills your home. It’s certainly a reminder that home really is where the heart is. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else this Christmas.

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