Bye Bye Plastic - We're Helping You to Make Your Christmas Sustainable

Bye Bye Plastic - We're Helping You to Make Your Christmas Sustainable

10 Sep , 2019

We have been selling Christmas Trees for over twenty years and for most of that time we have offered artificial trees alongside our traditional real trees. Some people it seems don't like trees that drop their needles, smell a bit different and want something that isn't green. Really? Yup, it's true but we have noticed that the demand has been falling year on year for the last six years.

If you, like millions of others, have watched recent TV programmes which focused on the problems that plastic is causing across the world you probably understand why this year we have decided not to stock and sell artificial trees. So if you are looking for an artificial 'plastic' tree this year you will have to look elsewhere.

Running a sustainable business is hard work, specially when it come to Christmas. We are proud that we source the trees that you buy from us from our own sustainable Christmas Tree farms in Scotland. Pines and Needles is carbon positive. For most of the year our trees absorb Carbon and emit Oxygen. During the Christmas season Pines and Needles is Carbon Neutral as any emissions from transportation and delivery vehicles is offset by the trees still growing in our plantations.Increasingly Pines and Needles is switching to organically-grown trees. Pesticides can upset the balance of fragile ecosystems.

Wherever possible we encourage the use of power-saving LED lights as these use a fraction of the energy of incandescent bulbs. In our logistics operation we currently use diesel fuel but have several LPG vans. We are however endeavouring to replace our delivery vans with electric vehicles. Every year we work hard to make our business more sustainable, and in 2019 its bye bye to the plastic tree.

If you want a real tree come and pick your own. As in previous years we'll be opening a number of pop up stores across London. Bring the family too it will be great fun!

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