Lights, Lights and more Lights!

Lights, Lights and more Lights!

13 Nov , 2018

Christmas is all about the lights! The stores are bright with Christmas lighting. Every street in London shines with beautiful dazzling decorations. Just a quick glance down Oxford Circus or Carnaby street and you can tell that Christmas time makes us absolutely bonkers for lights! Going loco for lighting isn’t just localised to London though. If you take a wander down just about any high street in the United Kingdom, you’ll be sure to find a whole host of the bright and beautiful. There’s literally nowhere you can go over the festive period to avoid Christmas lights! So, you know what they say! If you can’t beat them, join them!


Go Bright!

This year is the year to go brighter than ever before! Remember that feeling you’d get when you were younger, and you saw that neighbour's house. Everyone had “that” neighbour that would always outshine (literally) the others! Their home would be covered in all manner of decoration. They’d have lights on every surface, they’d have lights all up against the walls and along the ceilings. They’d have light up reindeer on the grass out front! You name it, it was so bright you could see them from all the way at the end of the road. Sure, people would occasionally grumble at them, or think they were excessive, but how did they make you feel? They made you feel alive! They also made you feel like it was Christmas and possibly the best Christmas ever.


We've got Christmas lights

We’ve got a whole host of new lights in and they’re ultra bright! We’ve got lights for the inside, we’ve got lights for the outside, we’ve got every possible light you could ever need! We’ve got props that light up, we’ve got trees that light up! We’ve got staff that will come and set your lights up for you, and we’ve got trees that arrive ready and lit. In fact, we’ve got a magical light switch that instantly turns your home into a beacon that can be seen from the North pole! Well, maybe not quite that last one. We do, however, definitely have every kind of light you could ever need. So, why not try it out this year? You can be that neighbour that inspires a little joy in everyone.

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