Let’s make a stand of it!

Let’s make a stand of it!

02 Dec , 2020

Real Christmas trees need care and attention to keep them fresh. When entering your home or space it will become part of your family per se. The most essential item to help you with keeping your tree alive is the ‘Water Holding Stand’ . 

The fancy stands look nice but they hold less water! Imagine having to get under your tree to reach a narrow water holding stand and trying to pour water into it every day, maybe twice a day if it doesn’t hold enough water...

There are many types of Christmas tree stands you can purchase but after a lot of research we have chosen to sell the Cinco Water Holding Stand. One of the best Christmas tree stands which are wide and deep so that they can hold a sufficient amount of water to keep your tree watered for the day. We recommend different size stands to ensure a good water holding capacity to suit your size of tree. 

We understand the Cinco water holding tree stands are not the prettiest of stands but we have the perfect accompaniment, our beautiful range of Christmas tree stand covers. The Christmas tree stand covers come in a range of different designs to match a range of festive colour themes. 

So let’s make a stand of it, make your home feel festive this year, add all the trimmings and don’t forget the all important WATER HOLDING STAND! Lockdown your Christmas tree and keep it safe and watered.

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