Have you made your Christmas checklist?

Have you made your Christmas checklist?

18 Oct , 2018

Listen up and pay close attention! Christmas is right around the corner and the time for dilly-dallying is over. The elves are working relentlessly to prepare your gifts, the reindeer are at boot camp (carboloading for the marathon of their lives!) and what are you doing? I bet you haven’t even written your Christmas checklist yet (GASP). You can be honest with us. We know you haven’t made your list. We’ve heard all the excuses, “Oh, it’s only October, it can wait!”. “I don’t need a checklist. We can make do closer to the time.” “Let’s worry about it in December…” Wrong! Double WRONG! TRIPLE WRONG! Phew. Thank goodness Pines and Needles are here to remind you and lend a helping hand, after all, that’s what the Christmas spirit is all about. So! It’s time to leap to our to action stations and get well and truly prepared, this isn’t a matter of being early, or overly worried, it is a matter of making your life easier. With proper preparation, and a little Pines and Needles magic, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your most relaxed Christmas experience yet. Here’s what you’ll need:


The Tree

Of course, you’d never forget the tree! No one ever forgets the tree. However, have you planned the tree? Have you found the perfect space where the tree will sit? You may need to be ready to move some furniture, or do some measurements! How big a tree do you need? We’ve got the smallest to the tallest. Will you need a tree suited to the indoors or the outdoors, and will it require a stand? Have you thought about tree care and delivery date? We can help with all of these things. We can do most of these things for you! It just needs a little planning.


The Decorations

Just because you’ve organised your tree does not mean it’s time to rest easy! It’s time to plan your decorations. We have a ton of services available to help you including decorating for you, for those who don’t want to lift a finger. Not only are our decorators the finest in Santas grotto but your entirely welcome to take credit for there hard work over Christmas dinner. It’s okay... We won't tell a soul. However, decorations don’t just pertain to the tree. We’ve got lighting for the inside, lighting for the outside, lighting for every side of the home! There’s also wreaths and presents, it’s a veritable treasure trove of the fancy and fantastic.


The Cleanup

Boo! That’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone says the dreaded words "clean up". We’d be begrudged to say them ourselves if we didn’t make it so incredibly easy for you! While ordering your Christmas tree, let us know when you’d like to have it cleaned up and our kilted experts will arrive on your requested day to remove it, totally hassle-free. Christmas Decorations from Pines and Needles on a Christmas Tree

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