Christmas Trees with roots

These trees have been potted for you to enjoy and then replant after Christmas. They do require extra care and are ideally suited to an outdoor environment.

Christmas Trees With Roots

Our cute mini trees are perfect for adding a bit of Christmas cheer to your desk or to give as a gift.

Important Information

Potted trees are only available up to 5 foot due to the size of the root ball, which becomes exponentially larger the taller the tree. Our Fraser Fir trees have been grown in their pots and are therefore much more likely to survive than those trees which have been grown in the ground and then put into pots. You can also keep them in their pots or repot them into a larger container but be careful not to cut their roots when re-planting. .

Take note, we offer no guarantees that the trees will still be healthy enough to survive after several weeks in a warm indoor environment. Varying soil types in different areas can also affect the long-term survival of this species of tree. We also advise re-planting any trees between March and April to give them the best chance of survival. Our mini trees are grown in a pot and their roots are naturally suited for this environment, for this reason they may struggle to grow deep enough to survive in your garden.