Wholesale Trees from Scotland
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Quality Christmas Trees available for wholesale


Nordman Fir

This is currently the most popular Christmas tree in The UK and will be requested by your customers who may also refer to it as the "non-drop" Christmas tree. This is due to its fantastic ability to retain its needles far longer than other species of Christmas tree. It does not have the strong smell many people associate with Christmas - it has a very mild fragrance. The needles are very soft compared to other types of tree so this tree is often requested by families who are worried about children or pets hurting themselves with more prickly needles.

Norway Spruce

This type of tree used to be more common, however as people have started putting trees up earlier and earlier, it has become less popular as it is unable to hold on to its needles and tends to die far sooner than the Nordman. It is known as the "Traditional" Christmas tree and has a lovely shape and Christmas fragrance so is still sought by some traditionalists despite its fragility. We do not supply these for wholesale purposes as the vast majority of consumers require the tree to last longer than the lifespan of the cut spruce.

Fraser Fir

This is a non drop variety very similiar to a Nordman Fir and has a faint citrus scent. We supply Fraser Fir trees that have been grown in pots and will still have their roots in soil within the pot. As the pots are dug out of the soil in the fields, they may be a little muddy and require a wipe. The soil can occasionally dislodge in transit and the tree become loose so trees occasionally require to be straightened so they are perfectly upright after transportation.


Christms tree Stands

We supply Cinco water holding stands in various sizes to fit all heights of Christmas Trees. They have a large resevoir that can hold water to allow the tree to drink which will keep it healthier longer. They also have adjustable screws that allow the tree to sit straight even if the trunk is uneven.

We also supply wooden logs that are an attractive and rustic yet inexpensive way of displaying the trees. If the customer uses this instead of a water holding stand the tree will have a shorter lifespan and will start to wilt earlier.

Netting and Funnels

You and your customers will find it easier to transport the trees if they are netted. Therefore we can supply you with a funnel and quality netting sheaths.

Netting and Funnels available

Grading Christmas Trees


We operate a clear grading and sizing system

Our Christmas trees are SIZED from the base to halfway up the leader. They are categorised in feet. eg. a 6 foot tree will be between 6 and 7 feet tall.

Our Christmas trees are GRADED as follows:

Premium grade:

These are the top grade of tree and have the most regular shape with bushiest foliage.

Standard grade:

These trees represent excellent value for money and are ideal for the consumer on a budget who is willing to accept trees which may not have the perfect symmetrical shape and fill. These are all very popular sellers.


We are able to deliver to you at a cost based on mileage and driving time from us to you. We will need your delivery postcode and number of trees in order to quote for delivery.

We also offer a Collect your Own Option - Collecting trees from our warehouse will save on the delivery costs. We are based in Brent Cross and are open for collections strictly between 6am and 6pm.

Pan Outdoor

Pan Outdoor


Our promise is very simple:

  1. Fresh Christmas Trees: we deliver fresh Christmas trees to every customer. We refill our stock regularly and our trees come directly from the farm. Whilst in our warehouse, all trees are watered daily and every care is taken to ensure they stay fresh. If you place a large order, we’ll deliver directly to you fresh from the farm.
  2. Individually selected: all trees are hand picked according to the grade of tree you choose
  3. Quality ancillary produce: all our ancillary produce (such as stands and netting) is of excellent quality.

Here is how it works:

  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of the trees and goods you receive - contact us immediately and we will arrange for prompt replacement. You must let us know within 24 hrs of taking delivery.
  • Please note that if you order Standard grade trees and are not satisfied with them we reserve the right to charge you for replacing them with the higher grade of tree.

We're so confident our trees are the best you will find that we guarantee their quality. If for any reason you're unhappy with your trees, we will gladly replace them free of charge*, given that you contact us within 24 hours of delivery.

Important information:

Christmas trees are perishable goods (just like flowers and any another kind of plant). This means it is impossible to predict or guarantee how long they will survive. That depends very much on the individual trees, the environment they’re in and how well you look after them

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