Nordmann Fir Non-drop Christmas Trees

Non-Drop Trees 10ft to 12ft
Non-Drop Trees 10ft to 12ft
Non-Drop Trees 9ft to 12ft Image
Non-Drop Trees 9ft to 12ft Image
Non-Drop Trees 9ft to 12ft Image

The Nordman Fir (Abies nordmanniana)

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5/5 stars with us since '17 It was great! Quick delivery and very friendly stuff. The tree is the best we have ever had, fluffy, very straight. Totally happy customer Dec '17
5/5 stars with us since '13 Thank you,thank you very much.the tree is perfect.I couldn't dream of a better my second year ordering from you and you have as a regular costumer for sure.i would recommend you to my friends and all the people I know.thank you again Dec '15
5/5 stars A Christmas tree ordered online by my son as a surprise. Beautiful tree, perfect height, perfect shape - could not have chosen better if I'd inspected every single one myself! Dec '15
5/5 stars This is my 4-th time :) Perfect tree and excellent delivery service as usual, will be definitely back next year :) Nov '15
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Non Drop Christmas Trees - Ideal For Indoor Use

The Nordmann Fir
(Abies Nordmanniana)

This variety is the preferred choice of modern Britons as the tree benefits from its ability to retain its needles for longer in an indoor environment. The tree has non-pointy flattened needles which are a glossy dark-green on top with two blue-white bands of stomata below; this gives the Nordmann Fir it’s signature two-tone depth, like that of the olive tree. This tree will usually last around four weeks in good condition before it begins to dry out.

Quality Guarantee

We select only the finest trees from each species meaning premium quality is guaranteed. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your tree, we will replace it straight away.

Our Trees

Our trees are grown on plantations and tended to day in, day-out, which makes a massive difference to the finished product. Using these methods ensures a strong and luscious product, fit to grace your living room or office. These are the best trees you will find anywhere – guaranteed!

Planting trees under the careful supervision of an arborist gives complete control over every aspect of the trees development from planting and pruning to feeding and cutting. This degree of care and control ensures that every tree that passes through our gates has been able to achieve its full potential and is the fullest and freshest example of the species.


We are passionate about all things green! In fact, we are committed to helping the environment in every way we can. Here is a list of the measures we take to help the planet:
• Carbon positivity: it is estimated that each acre of Christmas trees produces enough oxygen to meet the needs of 16 people, meaning that our business is actually carbon positive for most of the year. During the Christmas season we manage to remain Carbon Neutral, any emissions from transportation and delivery vehicles is offset by the trees still growing on our plantations.

• Looking out for nature: real Christmas trees are generally better for the environment than artificial trees because they do not use non-biodegradable plastics and metals, and can be recycled through chipping for use in gardens.
• Replanting: for every Christmas tree that is harvested, we make sure three seedlings are replanted in it's place, ready to begin the cycle of growing, fixing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen again for us straight away.
• Modernising our fleet: we are currently endeavouring to replace our diesel delivery vans with electric vehicles. Also, wherever possible we encourage the use of power-saving LED lights as they use a fraction of the energy of incandescent bulbs.

Proud Members of the British Christmas Tree Growers’ Association

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Despite what people may think, a real tree is actually better for the environment than an artificial tree.  Firstly real trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air as they grow, as well as providing a habitat for wildlife. Secondly, an artificial tree is usually made from non recyclable plastic, which will sit in landfills for years and years once it has been thrown out.

3 years ago, P. Needles

The Nordman Fir has a lovely smell, but the Norway Spruce has a stronger Christmas scent.

3 years ago, C. Hugo

In our opinion, nothing beats the smell of a fresh Christmas tree. The Nordman Fir and the Fraser Fir each have a lovely scent but it is quite subtle, unlike their more fragile cousin, the Norway Spruce, which has a beautiful strong fragrance. 

3 years ago, P. Needles

Christmas Tree HeightOur trees are measured to half way up the leader (the large central stem at the top of the tree) rather than to the tip, ensuring you get excellent value for money. For more information, see our Quality Guarantee.

3 years ago, P. Needles

With real Christmas trees, we advise that the width usually tends to be around 1/2 and 1/3 of the height of the tree, however the taller the tree the closer the 1/3 size.

3 years ago, P. Needles

It’s impossible to guess how long these guys will survive once they’re taken indoors. But we know many factors that can seriously hurt your tree: heaters/radiators, air-conditioning and noticeable temperature changes are its worst enemies. To make sure your tree survives throughout the festive season we recommend putting it in a friendly environment, using a water-holding stand and watering it regularly. Treat these guys like a cut flower. For more information, do checkout our Christmas tree care page.


3 years ago, P. Needles

Either the Nordmann Fir or the Norway Spruce are suitable for outdoor use. For safety reasons we recommend erecting your tree in a Civic stand when it is situated outdoors. 

3 years ago, D. kerley

Our quality guarantee means that if you don't like the tree you receive we will replace it, no questions asked (you just need to tell the driver or notify us on the day). What we recommend you do is add your specific requirements to the notes when you checkout. That way the whole team (from our staff who hand-pick trees during dispatch to the driver who delivers your tree) knows your preferences and will do their best to pick the tree that is right for you.

Alternatively you can visit one of our stores and choose from a huge selection of trees (some offer a local delivery service in the evenings of limited availability).

3 years ago, D. Gowers
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