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Large Water-Holding Stand
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Water-holding Christmas tree stand - this stand is ideal for 8-10ft christmas trees. Its water holding capacity allows you to keep your tree fresh and watered through Christmas. Cut trees are much like cut flowers. They endure most optimally when kept in water and can drink up to 1 litre per day. Its clever design means that you don't have to spend ages trimming the branches and trunk of your tree to fit the stand.

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5/5 stars does the job splendidly Oct '12
5/5 stars works well. Oct '12
5/5 stars Took only minutes to set up. Oct '12
5/5 stars Does the job - holds a 9ft tree very securely and contains a lot of water. Oct '12
Product Specification

Stand Size: Large

For real trees 8-10ft (3.05 m) tall

Trunk diameter (15.24 cm)

Dimensions: 20"x20"x8"

6.62 litre water reservoir

Weighs: 2.4 kgs inc Bolts & Screws


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